As an employer, meeting Health & Safety obligations must always be your top priority. Knowing where to go for expert help and quality safety products can help enormously, which is why understanding what we do at Brandsafe is so important.

Finding a supplier of versatile and reliable safety products for your premises – inside and out – can mean sifting through a myriad of different companies.

Then, making sense of the different terminology they use for what they sell to find the right size and type of product to prevent accidents on your site.

For many companies, it is far better to save time and gain peace of mind by approaching Brandsafe for expert help.

It can also be the ideal way to keep to a tight budget while still confidently shopping for all your site-specific safety products.

Why Brandsafe?

We have invested a great deal of time in understanding the safety needs of modern businesses and industrial premises – from supermarkets to warehouse operations, and from office car parks to factory floors.

Our product research and innovation are also highly advanced. We avidly follow safety prevention trends and the latest product development, to understand the best way to protect structures, machinery and of course people.

From wheel stops and protection posts to substantial safety barriers, we have the ultimate know-how.

We don’t just sell safety products. We provide consultation and site survey and accident prevention support.

The reason we take our job so seriously is that Brandsafe doesn’t ‘just’ sell safety products. We work with customers to sell the RIGHT safety products; items that authentically and completely dovetail with their risks.

This ensures you don’t overspend on unnecessary or overcomplex items. Or, worse still, find you have inadvertently left your site exposed to preventable Health & Safety hazards.

Our reputation rests firmly on your safety record when you use us to map out and install traffic, pedestrian, and workplace accident prevention solutions.

How is Brandsafe’s assured safety product service delivered?

Brandsafe applies its unique insights and expertise to meet the risk needs of each specific customer. It starts with getting a thorough brief and doing a site survey.

We then provide a free quote for safety product supply and installation. This can even mean engineering bespoke items that keep our customers properly protected during their daily business operations.

We provide a free quote for safety product supply and installation.

The alternative for you is buying safety products ‘off-the-shelf’ and hoping that they are correct, easy to fit and serve their purpose reliably.

For many companies, such DIY safety measures are not worth the risk or the potential to spend money unnecessarily.

Also, we understand that your site could be ever-changing, which amends and alters your safety ‘hot spots’ and risk levels.

So, we always look for versatile cross-site safety solutions, that can keep pace with your business development.

What sort of safety products can we supply?

Choosing the best safety products means relying on companies with a strong track record for manufacturing durable items made from quality materials, which have been tested thoroughly.

It’s not a purchasing area were taking shortcuts and buying cheap should ever be a consideration.

Brandsafe knows the manufacturers who tick all the right boxes, at the best prices. This includes Armco, well known for its ability to create trustworthy and keenly priced warehouse safety products.

Our partnership with them provides our customers with a tangible advantage.

Safety product consultancy recommendations

Though each site has its own accident prevention needs, case studies and safety product testimonials from satisfied clients can help you to choose the best supplier.

So, who do Brandsafe work with?

Our end clients include global businesses such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer and Jaguar Land Rover. Finding scalable safety solutions for often complex and multi-faceted sites like these keeps our team fully on their toes.

However, we are equally attentive and invested when a customer has a far simpler need for safety product supply and installation.

Do you need site accident prevention support?

Whatever the size of your company or site, we can map out and recommend genuinely appropriate ways to manage a workforce, traffic and pedestrian safety measures.

Once our product recommendations are accepted, we can install, upgrade or refit safety products swiftly and efficiently to minimise disruption.

Whether you are an architect creating new business premises, a facilities, H&S or site manager improving safety measures, a contractor or a company owner/manager, we are here to help. Get in touch to discuss your site safety risks and tap into our in-depth knowledge of this crucial business field.