Applications for Loading Bay Protection:

HGV Landing Plates: Prevent damage and costly repairs to loading docks where HGV trailers would normally damage the substrate or tarmac floor.

HGV Cranked Dock Wheel Guides and HGV Straight Dock Wheel Guides: Ensure that HGVs park with precision, ensuring secure and safe unloading and offloading within the correct perimeters of the loading bay. Additionally, this protects the premises from any damage.

HGV Wheel Stops and HLGV Wheel Stops: Ideal for designated parking areas for articulated lorries, double-decker buses, trucks, and combination vehicles. They help ensure that these large commercial vehicles park safely, preventing overhang into pedestrian walkways or other traffic lanes.

Door Protection Goal Posts: These goal posts are designed to prevent collisions with doors and entrances. They're commonly used in busy warehouses, distribution centres, and commercial facilities to safeguard entryways from accidental vehicle impacts, reducing repair expenses and downtime.

Height Restriction Clatter Bar: Used when a mezzanine floor or loading bay door will have repeated forklift traffic with various heights, providing visual and auditory warnings for vehicle operators.