Product Applications for our Bollards and Protection Posts:

  • ImpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bollard and Protection Bollard: have been independently tested by TÜV NORD to PAS 13 standards. Built to withstand high-impact collisions, these heavy-duty bollards are ideal for safeguarding areas prone to vehicular traffic, such as loading docks, parking lots, and industrial settings. They provide exceptional protection for buildings, equipment, and personnel.
  • Drop Core Bollard: Designed for flexible security, drop core bollards are perfect for access control points and pedestrian safety zones. Easily retractable when needed, they provide a versatile solution for managing traffic flow in retail areas, schools, and event venues. Suitable for warehouse regulations with 5 different colours to suit fire hazard, caution areas, and high warning areas. To compliment this the bollards, incorporate a 50mm reflective band ideal for external access loading doors, where HGV trailers reverse in and out of industrial buildings.
  • Impact Safe Protection Post: Protection posts are essential for shielding vulnerable structures like building corners and machinery from accidental damage. They are a cost-effective, highly visible way to prevent costly repairs and ensure the safety of your workspace.
  • Bollard Cover Kits: Bollard covers not only enhance the visibility of safety measures but also provide protection against wear and tear. They feature highly visible colours that never require painting and include a diamond-grade reflective band for improved visibility. These kits are excellent for maintaining a polished appearance in commercial spaces while reinforcing safety. The Bollard Cover Kit (1560mm high) is perfect for loading bay use, while the Bollard Cover Kit (1260mm high) secures columns and electrical appliances within the warehouse. Additionally, the Bollard Cover Kits (960mm high) are ideal for walkways and staff entrances.
  • Door Protection Goal Posts: These goal posts are designed to prevent collisions with doors and entrances. They're commonly used in busy warehouses, distribution centres, and commercial facilities to safeguard entryways from accidental vehicle impact, reducing repair expenses and downtime.

Invest in safety bollards to safeguard your premises, protect assets, and create a secure environment for everyone. Whether you need heavy-duty protection or versatile access control, our range of bollards has you covered.