Product Applications for Column and Post Protection:

SoftWRAP i-Beam Square Column Protector and SoftWrap Square Column Protectors: These heavy-duty canvas column guards can be used in logistics and manufacturing facilities where there is an elevated risk of personnel injury. They are suitable for wrapping around structural and mezzanine columns adjacent to high-traffic pedestrian walkways/routes.

PolyWRAP Column Protector and PolyWrap Spacesaver Column Protectors: These can be used in warehouses to safeguard structural columns from HGV/MHE impacts, preventing damage to assets and ensuring worker safety.

Lamp Post Wrap Protectors and Sign Post Wrap Protectors: Suitable for use within car parks, warehouses, and high-traffic areas, these aids drivers both day and night. They can be used for property perimeter enhancement, providing clear and highly visible signage.

PolyWrap Forklift Impact Skirt: This protects against low-impact forklift penetration, providing vital protection to assets, mezzanine, or building columns.