Product Applications

Here at Brandsafe, we prioritise workplace safety. Some of our key product applications for warehouse and industrial facilities include:

ImpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bollard, independently verified to meet PAS 13 standards by TÜV NORD. These robust bollards are purpose-built to endure high-impact collisions, making them an excellent choice for safeguarding areas susceptible to vehicular traffic, including loading docks, parking lots, and industrial sites. They offer exceptional protection for structures, equipment, and personnel.

Elevate safety with the Polymer Safety Barrier, establishing dedicated pedestrian pathways. Meanwhile, our End of Aisle Single Rail Barriers are specifically designed to secure racking along primary forklift traffic routes, effectively segregating foot traffic from machinery and vehicles. In busy industrial environments, this proactive approach prevents potential accidents.

For optimal pedestrian and equipment separation, rely on our Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+) and Double Bumper Pedestrian Barriers, providing reliable protection against low-level impacts. Discover more about TÜV NORD and the rigorous PAS 13 testing process by clicking here.