There are many good reasons why we recommend Armco products for cross-site safety in diverse warehouse operations in the UK. It’s a brand with a stellar reputation in its field and it has our 100% trust rating. Here’s why.

Warehouse accident prevention – protecting people, structures and machinery from harm – calls for wholehearted commitment and continuous evaluation. Including finding the best safety products to manage risks right across your site geography.

For us, Armco leads the field on this, offering tailored warehouse safety products at highly competitive prices. Why do we have such faith in this brand and recommend the range to so many of our warehouse customers?

Safety product integrity

Armco 360 Top

Any review of Armco safety products for warehouse sites must mention the level of design excellence invested in creating the ideal barriers and accessories.

The dimensions and tensile properties of the sections can be optimised to cope with a wide range of collision risks – according to height and other trajectory factors.

Also, the materials used to create Armco products have a proven ability to absorb impact, limiting the damage done when vehicles make contact with crash barriers.

As our reputation rests on the safety record of our customers, we know that recommending, engineering and installing Armco barriers offers the best line of defence.

Are the best barriers for warehouse sites, the most expensive?

Armco 1100D 5

The cost of accident prevention measures in warehouses can be a critical factor when fitting out a new build or upgrading or refitting an existing site.

The cheapest solution is not always the best one when it comes to managing traffic and workforce safety. However, too often companies waste money on overly complex or unnecessary safety measures.

One of the reasons Armco offers the leading off-road barrier systems is that the price of supply and installation can be relatively low.

Without compromising the integrity or effectiveness of this vital warehouse safety measure.

These products also last, withstanding environmental factors and a substantial amount of ‘wear and tear’.

Armco is versatile and quick to install

Armco 1100D 13

The Armco range offers something to suit any off-road location. From loading bay approaches used by large wagons and busy company car parks, to the internal areas of your warehouse where forklift trucks manoeuvre.

This versatility is echoed by the way Armco barriers can be configured to meet specific site needs. For instance, you could protect commercial vehicles operating on your site by installing Armco 760HR Safety Barriers, which come ready fitted with a pedestrian handrail on one side. It separates traffic from people brilliantly.

Apart from choosing from various Armco barrier design and size options, the way they are fixed down can be bespoke to your site.

For example, Armco Wall Mounted Safety Barriers are a great way to manage the risk of vehicles clipping structures around entrances or the sides of your buildings.

Advanced accessories for warehouse safety

Warehouse Safety

The safety barriers themselves are engineered to reduce and manage impact damage, but importantly, you can also specify various features that further improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

A great example of this is the Armco Fishtail Safety End. Not only does it absorb contact with vehicles on your site, but it’s also highly visible, preventing collisions from happening in the first place. You can retrofit this flexible polymer safety end on any Armco steel barrier or rail.

The range offers you ways to pay strict attention to detail when it comes to accident prevention.

Such as simple but effective high-vis protective post caps to smooth out sharp rail edges, or push-fit kits to add polymer ends to barrier lengths.

Any barrier corners can be topped off with unmissably bright Armco Safety Corners.

This ingenious range has covered all the risks, so you can cover all your safety obligations!

How to know which Armco product is ‘best fit’

The Armco range is understandably popular within warehouse operations, or for any site which needs to prevent accidents and manage vehicles operating continuously.

Reducing risks and minimising collision damage keeps people safer, but also avoids repair costs and loss of productivity.

The trick though is getting your Armco barriers, rails and accessories to match your site layout and specific safety risks.

Brandsafe provides in-depth, tailored advice as a standard feature of its Armco safety barrier supply and installation service.

Contact our team to discuss your Armco safety barrier and impact protection requirements.