Applications of our Armco Safety Barriers include:

Warehouse and Distribution Centre Safety

Loading Dock Protection

  • Effectively mitigates the risks of collisions and impacts from heavy machinery, using Armco 760D Safety Barriers.
  • Promotes efficient and secure loading and unloading procedures at loading docks.
  • Enhances safety in high-traffic areas with HGVs and forklifts, such as commercial buildings, construction sites, and large retail centres, through the use of Armco 1100D Safety Barrier and Armco 1100T Safety Barriers.

Wall and Vehicle Protection

  • An economical solution for protecting walls and vehicles, using Armco Wall Mounted Safety Barrier, equipped with built-in ImpactSAFE shock absorbers for added safety.
  • Suitable for various settings, including car parks, parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, and sports venues.
  • Ideal for locations where the protection of people and property using traffic management solutions is essential.

Industrial Safety