Product Applications for Flexible Delineators – Flexible Traffic Bollards:

Industrial Facilities

Enhance safety in manufacturing plants and warehouses by clearly marking traffic routes and pedestrian paths, especially in areas prone to heavy equipment and vehicle movement. Flexible Bollards and Delineators will be best applied for deterring vehicles from crossing into sensitive areas. The bollards will flex, bend, and crunch – returning to their original shape after impact.

Logistics Hubs

Create safe pathways for workers and vehicles at logistics centres, ensuring clear delineation in areas with constant movement of goods and transport. Flexible Delineator Chains and Flexible Delineator Top Caps can highlight a clear pedestrian route.

Ports and Terminals

Guide drivers and pedestrians in busy ports and cargo terminals, preventing accidental collisions and ensuring smooth traffic flow amidst heavy machinery and shipping containers.

Distribution Centres

Implement effective traffic management in fleet car parks, preventing vehicle impact around EV charging points. Flexible Delineator Parking Bay Signage can alert drivers through the diamond reflectors pre-fitted. This can be paired with EV Charging Point Protection posts to ensure charging point assets are protected day and night.