Brandsafe are a team of technical experts who are proud to be pioneers in superior performance, high-visibility, sustainable impact protection for the industrial workspace – challenging the traditional and overly-expensive solutions on the market.

Where we really separate ourselves from the rest is with our consultative approach, technical expertise, manufacturing and install capabilities. This enables us to provide an end-to-end solution; from product specification to on-site installation, all while remaining agile and responsive to the needs of each client we work with.

We keep people, physical assets and premises safe with our innovative and cost-effective product range. Our team will work with you at every step of the process to consult and provide a bespoke solution to match your unique project requirements.

Workplace Safety Experts - Brandsafe Protection
Workplace Safety Experts at work

Brandsafe work with architects, main contractors and end clients – adopting a consultative role to deliver the best possible solution for each project. Our personalised approach, innovative product design and quick implementation has earned us an industry-leading reputation across the UK and Europe.

We’re known in the industry for our exceptional quality of service and speed of execution – from design to installation; we are the best in class and will provide you with the ideal solution to meet the exact needs of your project.


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Brandsafe's Vision

Creating safer industrial workplaces worldwide with Brandsafe Protection.

Brandsafe's Mission

Setting new safety standards across industrial workspaces worldwide. Our innovative, high-visibility safety solutions are designed to protect people, products and property – preventing harmful impacts where possible.

Brandsafe's Values

Industry Expertise
We are the industry specialists in this category, thinking beyond the supply of the product to consider the environment and business that it functions within. We consult and work with our customers to guide them with confidence, assurance and expertise.

Workplace Safety Experts install Armco safety barriers
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Customer-led Innovation
Our customers are at the centre of our focus and they inspire our innovative designs. Our design ethos is one of continuous efficiency and improvement – never standing still, always updating, always adding value, always improving the performance of the products we manufacture and the solutions we deliver.

Collaborative Approach
We work in partnership with our customers, colleagues and stakeholders. We look out for each other, help each other and work together to achieve the best possible results.

Passion for the Project
There is an innate passion, energy and vibrancy that runs through the entire team at Brandsafe, which powers our performance. It’s been a key part of our identity since day one and it’s intrinsic to our culture – driving us to be the very best in our field and to provide the ideal workplace safety solutions for our customers.

Unmatched Agility
We possess an agility and speed that cannot be matched in this industry. We are known for our fast lead times for design, delivery and installation, all while maintaining the highest levels of quality and customer care.