Product applications for our Wheel Stops range:

Commercial Vehicle Parking:

HLGV Wheel Stops are ideal for designated parking areas for articulated lorries, double-decker buses, and combination vehicles. They help ensure that these large commercial vehicles park safely and prevent overhanging into pedestrian walkways or other traffic lanes.

Loading and Unloading Zones:

Use HGV Wheel Stops in loading and unloading zones for lorries and vans to guide drivers, preventing them from encroaching onto pathways or creating potential hazards for pedestrians. This application helps maintain efficient and safe loading procedures.

Car and Van Parking Areas:

Car Wheel Stops are also suitable for car and van parking areas. They ensure that vehicles are parked within designated spaces, optimising parking capacity and preventing damage from vehicles that might otherwise overshoot parking spots.

Distribution and Logistics Centres:

HGV Wheel Stops and HLGV Wheel Stops are essential in distribution and logistics centres to manage vehicle parking and loading areas efficiently. They help align delivery trucks, trailers, and vans correctly during loading and unloading operations, preventing accidental collisions, ensuring proper use of loading docks, and enhancing overall safety in high-traffic areas.