Traffic management in workplaces is not simply about compliance with H&S rules. Some vehicle safety measures also help you to save on car repair bills with simple and cheap solutions.

It’s easy to think that only organisations dealing with HGVs and LGVs need to regularly review their private roads, car parks and vehicle exits/entrances. However, all workplaces need to source and install products that save on car repair bills with simple and cheap solutions.

That’s because you are likely to have a staff or visitor cars – or sales vehicles, for instance – moving around your premises. Plus, no one wants the embarrassment of an important customer reporting dented bodywork!

Being really thorough in the way you protect vehicles from damage serves another purpose too. It avoids business interruption if a car your organisation depends on is out of action to fix avoidable damage.

HSE rules on preventing vehicle damage

Before looking at the products you can buy to protect cars transiting your site, let’s explore the legal responsibilities you have to avoid accidents and incidents, using sensible traffic management systems.

Clearly, both off and on-road vehicles can do a lot of damage if they hit a pedestrian, even at low speeds. Also, collisions with other vehicles or workplace structures put drivers at risk. The simple act of manoeuvring into a parking space can be problematic in many environments.

For this reason, the Health & Safety Executive issued strict guidelines for workplace transport, including rules on parking safely on private and public sector sites.

Compliance hinges on a thorough risk assessment. This should especially focus on areas where vehicles and pedestrians are both on the move and key spaces where cars tend to carry out manoeuvres such as reversing.

Of course, there are also clear rules on limiting speed on commercial premises and the things you need to do to maintain your car park properly.

Simple, cheap measures to save on car repair bills

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Prevention is always better than the cure, and that certainly applies if you want to stay compliant with workplace traffic management regulations and find ways to save on car repair bills with simple and cheap solutions.

Road and parking maintenance

The foundations of avoiding vehicle damage around your workplace are literally the foundations of your outside area! For instance, is the ground level, with good drainage? Relocating parking to firmer ground with less risk of wheels slipping could be a practical way to limit accidents and incidents.

Well mapped traffic flow and parking

This leads to the wisdom of reviewing how vehicles transit your site, and the spaces set aside for visitor and staff parking for example. Has it been strategically managed, or has it evolved over time?

You may want to refresh how vehicles move on-site and where they park if your business has become busier too.

Signage and lighting

These are both important measures in maintaining site safety and avoiding damage to vehicles.

There are many inexpensive traffic management signs you can buy to give drivers clear directions and safety information. As well as vital signs to segregate vehicles and pedestrians.

This also requires you to install good site lighting for darker or shorter days. Drivers need to be able to see signs, people, structures and road edges with ease. Do you also need hi-vis barriers along roadways and around car parks?

Staff and visitor guidance

Make your rules on safe parking and transit clear, and strictly enforced. This means training staff on your traffic management protocols and issuing pre-arrival instructions for site visitors.

Buy car wheel stops

Save on car repair bills with Wheel Stops

This truly is a cheap but effective way to avoid vehicle damage! You simply need to buy and install car wheel stops to keep vehicles parked safely.

Clearly, these need to be clear to see! Our quality car wheel stops are designed to be robust, and quick to install, but also unmissable for both drivers and pedestrians.

Commercial site speed bumps

They are not always popular, but well-made speed bumps are a highly effective way to maintain site safety.

Find a supplier of quality domestic speed bumps suitable for cars, rather than heavy-duty traffic calming measures for lorries. You don’t want your speed bump to present a risk, rather than a way to avoid car damage.

Save on car repair bills with Speed Bumps

We sell speed bump kits for cars (made from recycled truck tyres) that are versatile, low-cost, high quality and easy to install.

Help with traffic management measures

If you have a complex site or heavy traffic use to manage, it can be hard to know which safety products are best, and where to install them. This is also true if the layout of your roads, car parks, yards and loading bays is out of date or constantly changing.

Brandsafe would be pleased to provide a free survey to map out measures that improve your site safety and which save on business car repair bills.