The overall footprint of a warehouse is rarely straightforward, creating challenges in managing traffic safety. So, it’s handy to know what to use when Armco Barriers can’t be installed.

One of the most widely used and effective ways to meet safety obligations on a warehouse site is Armco barrier installations wherever HGVs and LGVs operate. They are also used on countless public roads, as their clever design reduces driver injury and vehicle damage.

Armco is the safety product of choice not just for exits, entrances and approach roads, but also for many loading bays and yards.

However, this article looks at what to use when Armco Barriers can’t be installed. The truth is, there will be sections of your warehouse exterior and interior that are too complex or compact to accommodate the lengths of these recommended traffic safety products.

Creating or updating your impact protection strategy

Regular risk assessments across your site are vital for compliance and to reach your own company targets on safety. They also avoid damage to structures, vehicles and equipment that could lead to business interruption or big repair bills!

It could be that on your next site layout evaluation, you locate more places to install Armco barriers.

If you browse a comprehensive list of Armco warehouse products and accessories, you may be surprised by how versatile the range is. Including wall mounted Armco barriers, and various safety ends and caps that make the ImpactSAFE shock-absorbent sections practical to use where pedestrians pass by,

The advantages of Armco Barriers are well known. When correctly specified and installed, they are unrivalled in their ability to absorb impact and minimise vehicle damage. They are also robust and durable.

We make buying and installing Armco barriers inexpensive and easy too, including free advice on Armco barrier sizing and accessory lists.

What to use when Armco Barriers can’t be installed

It is not possible to rely entirely on this stellar safety product for all of your warehouse traffic management though. The biggest obstacle is often a lack of space to use these barriers, or a need to install a quick to amend safety system.

Fortunately, there are effective alternatives, such as the following.

Flexible Bollards

This is a low-cost impact safety product that enables you to be highly responsive in the way you install your traffic management aids.

What to use when Armco Barriers can't be installed - Bollards

Installing flexible bollards and delineators is quick and easy. Yet, they are excellent at creating a hi-vis boundary between vehicles and pedestrians or highlighting structural hazards and no-go zones.

If the flexible bollards do get hit or scuffed, they are engineered to flex, bend and crush, then return to their original shape.

Simple, but effective, they can be erected in a number of places, including compact areas where on and off-road vehicles do intricate manoeuvres.

Safety barriers for warehouses

There are other safety barriers for warehouses that are versatile alternatives to Armco barriers too. Including impact absorbent barriers you can erect where vehicles manoeuvre around sensitive structures or employee work areas.

What to use when Armco Barriers can't be installed - Guardrail Systems

Some warehouse safety barriers are heavy-duty metal, of course, and designed to protect pedestrians in a robust manner. There are also guards and handrails for warehouses that focus on human safety, rather than minimising vehicle damage in workplaces.

However, heavy-duty steel guard systems can ensure that vehicle impact doesn’t bring down major structures or racking or put drivers at risk of hitting electrical equipment, for example.

Advice on improving warehouse impact management

Many warehouse sites benefit from a mixture of Armco barriers for major inroads and loading bays, and more versatile alternatives in more compact operational zones.

Brandsafe is a leading stockiest of Armco products and solutions for when Armco Barriers can’t be installed.

If you are unsure how to configure both Armco barriers and alternative traffic safety features, we can help. Using our extensive experience – and problem-solving skills for even the most demanding and complex warehouse sites – we can ensure you create a compliant and efficient barrier system. This could be tailored specifically to your site layout, operations and risks, with well-managed costs too!

Ask us about previous project management of warehouse impact management strategies and installations.