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With urban logistics space at a premium, this Amazon distribution centre in Bracknell is a crucial hub for last-mile deliveries in the region.

Brandsafe were tasked with preparing this unit to function as safely as possible at its optimum operating capacity.

Project Overview

End Client: Amazon UK

Developer: SEGRO plc

Main Contractor: TSL Ltd

Architect: SMR Architects Ltd

Last-mile Delivery Centres are fast becoming a common fixture for businesses such as Amazon, especially when they are looking to service densely populated areas from one central logistics location.

These types of buildings are always busy, with a number of commercial vehicles operating in and around the warehouse at any given time.

As such, accidental impacts are always a potential risk, but this is a risk that can be mitigated by the correct application of impact protection systems.

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The Brandsafe Service

Brandsafe were appointed by Main Contractors TSL to supply and install a wide range of traffic and pedestrian safety products at this site.

Managing the flow of vehicles around such a busy operational location takes careful and considered planning.

Brandsafe is adept at designing and advising on product layouts, utilising our experience to provide a solution tailored to the requirements of the end client, while remaining within the required project budgets and timescales.

Industrial Safety Barriers

Key to the installation that Brandsafe provided at this site are the bespoke runs of Armco Safety Barriers, situated both internally and externally.

Internally, the busy traffic lanes and ramps of the site's multi-storey car park are flanked by these safety barriers, with highly visible Armco Barrier Accessories installed to prevent any accidental impacts.

Fishtail Safety Ends have been used to great effect here, as their shape naturally deflects vehicles away to safety without causing any damage.

Car Park Safety

Outside, in the external car park, custom yellow powder-coated Armco Barriers were installed to protect the perimeter and any entry / exit gates.

These yellow safety barriers were also installed at key intervals inside the building as well, in areas where extra visibility levels were deemed to be necessary for ensuring safe operation.

With the car park naturally being a hive of activity, numerous commercial Speed Bumps and Wheel Stops were added to restrict vehicle speeds and roll aways in the area.

Column Protection

A number of internal and external structural columns across this site were deemed to be at risk of vehicular impacts, which is why we took steps to protect them.

The Brandsafe PolyWRAP Column Protector range was specified to provide robust, flexible and highly visible protection for these columns. With its ability to fit a number of different column widths as standard, it was easy for our site teams to roll this impact protection solution out for Amazon.

Pedestrian Safety

As always, the safe movement of people around the building is our top priority. In this instance, the pedestrian routes are clearly marked by handrail, either installed as a standalone Pedestrian Handrail (HR50) system, or attached to an Armco Barrier.

Modular Security Caging was installed inside the building to allow safe and secure access to key operational assets for the approved personnel. Whereas outside the building, Cycle and Smoking Shelters were installed to protect staff and their possessions from the elements.

The Finishing Touches

With the building now operational, Brandsafe were tasked with protecting busy and potentially vulnerable doorways and loading bays. This was done through a strategic combination of ImpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bollards and ImpactSAFE Protection Posts.

With their strong steel cores and attention-grabbing polymer covers, these systems are the ideal fit for this purpose. Product selection was then made based on the types of vehicle(s) operating in the area (HGVs and/or forklifts), and the overall space available.

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