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At over 500,000 sq. ft. Amazon Mansfield is a major logistics warehouse at the Summit Park development.

Brandsafe were tasked with making it safe for its new occupier, with impact protection installed internally and externally.

External Protection Requirements

Given the scale of the development at Summit Park in Mansfield, there were always going to be a number of areas requiring impact protection.

As with other Amazon sites, we needed to make sure that the car parks, access ramps, hub offices, gatehouse and the pedestrian and HGV service yards were protected.

Brandsafe selected the following products to achieve this:

  • Handrail 50 in pedestrian yard and gatehouse
  • Armco 760 barriers with handrail, fishtail safety ends and corners in yellow
  • Demountable dropcore bollards - 1260mm and 1560mm
  • 3M High-vis bollards - 1300mm high bollards with polymer extension to 3000mm
  • 50mm and 75mm speed bumps
  • HLGV and domestic wheel stops
  • Flexible delineators - 1000mm high

Internal Protection Requirements

Inside the building, Brandsafe have to ensure that the dock, access and warehouse doors are covered, as well as the lift doors, sprinkler systems, ducts, cabinets and pedestrian walkways.

To protect all of these aspects, we make use of the following products:

  • Bollards - 1000mm and 1300mm high with polymer cover kits, supplied with impactsafe baseplate pads
  • Lift door protection - supplied with 1000mm high schocksafe pad
  • Pedestrian guardrail with access gates, supplied with appropriate signage
  • Handrail 50 for the mezzanine
  • Secure cages for the sprinkler systems - 3000mm x 7000mm x 3000m at 2040mm high
  • SEG+ 3 rail guardrail systems for duct and cabinet protection

For more information about the products used in the project, please contact us.

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