No matter how logically laid out your car parking area is, accidents can still happen. This is why parking posts make such a good investment.

The most obvious advantage of buying parking posts is that they offer an important traffic management advantage. The different types of bollards, delineators and accessories can help you control both vehicle movement and placement. Including giving you the option of using posts as a clear indication of perimeters, hazards and no-go areas.

They can also be a way of optimising your parking area, making it easier for drivers to find and manoeuvre with minimal effort.

Let’s look more closely at these and other reasons to invest in parking posts.

Safety reasons to invest in parking posts

Strategically placed parking posts can help to prevent staff or visitors from parking in a way that causes inconvenience or hazard. Just one of the ways parking posts improves site safety.

To meet your Health & Safety obligations, you should seriously consider how you can use bollards to create better access for emergency vehicles. Is there a way to  ‘ring fence’ an area close to the building, using a removable post system for emergency vehicle access?

On the topic of site safety, the very presence of parking posts can help slow traffic down on your premises. As well as giving pedestrians unmissable indicators of where traffic is likely to be, and how to avoid walking into the path of vehicles.

As well as using bollards to clearly segregate foot and road traffic, they can be used to create clear demarcation of entrances and exits, where vehicles tend to cluster and create even greater risk.

Managing accident costs, repairs and disruption

The best parking posts can also act as an impact-resistant barrier, to shield key areas and site features. This is a great way to minimise damage to vehicles, charging stations for electric vehicles, and entry barriers in car parks.

It’s also a great way to avoid having to replace expensive charging equipment and security systems.

Improving site optics with parking structures

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Finding a supplier of aesthetically pleasing parking posts can make your site’s exterior or car park look smart, well organised and logical. The fact you have invested in parking posts – as visual markers for individual spaces and to help drivers manoeuvre safely – shows you are a caring and conscientious organisation.

You can place parking posts to funnel vehicles along a set route too, ensuring drivers visit your gatehouse when entering or exiting your premises. This can help manage parking in terms of the number of vehicles on your site, and your security team can point out visitor only parking spots, which are then further marked out using high-vis parking posts.

Site security and investing in parking posts

That last point links with site security issues. Strategically placed posts in your car park can also limit the ability of vehicles to intrude in your car park or building exterior in evenings and weekends, for antisocial or even illegal activities.

They can be installed to maintain privacy too, shielding areas of your exterior that you would prefer not to be used for parking or shortcuts.

Types of commercial site bollards

There are various types of vertical posts designed to be high-vis indicators and barriers.

If you’re looking for a flexible post option that will create a great visual aid and minimal damage if hit the flexible bollard is the one for you.

This minimises vehicle damage on impact. The perfect example is the Flexible Bollards and Delineator Systems that bend and crush on impact, but spring back to shape afterwards.

If you want something with less ‘give’, the steel-core Drop Core Bollards will work well. Their colour variations can help to indicate different parking issues such as fire hazards or serious collision risks. They can also be quickly installed but also re-sited as needed.

Another option is Heavy Duty Bollards. These are ideal if HGV and LGV are operating on-site as a robust barrier.

Not sure which parking posts to invest in? Contact BrandSafe for no-obligation advice, evaluation and traffic management product quotes.