Parking Separator Wheel Stops (Rubber)

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for delineating fleet parking bays for coaches, buses, lorries, and larger vans, as well as securing docks in freight warehouses and logistics centres.
  • Easily installed using expansion bolts directly into the car park surface.
  • Constructed from recycled SBR rubber granulate for sustainability.
  • 1820mm in length.

Colour Options:

  • Standard: Black, enhanced with 3M reflective tape for visibility.


Improve Parking Lot Safety with Our Rubber Wheel Stops (1820mm) / Parking Separators

Our Rubber Wheel Stops (1820mm), also known as Parking Separators, surpass traditional parking solutions by offering a versatile and eco-friendly approach to managing vehicle spaces. Crafted from recycled SBR rubber granulate, this innovative product serves a dual purpose: acting as both a robust wheel stop and a delineator for custom parking bays. Its design ensures vehicles adhere to designated parking spaces, enhancing safety and order within fleet car parks.

Dual Functionality for Enhanced Safety

Designed to accommodate heavy-duty vehicles, the Parking Separator is an indispensable tool in fleet car parks. It effectively prevents large vehicles from encroaching into adjacent spaces or areas, thereby reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians.

Complementary Safety Solutions

For comprehensive protection, the Rubber Wheel Stop (1820mm) / Parking Separator can be integrated with Armco Barriers and Accessories, creating a fortified barrier around fleet yards and bustling parking areas. Additionally, when paired with ImpactSafe Posts or Heavy Duty Bollards, it offers an ideal solution for demarcating Electric Vehicle Charging bays, further preventing unwanted collisions and promoting a safer charging environment.

Sustainable and Durable Design

With sustainability at its core, the Parking Separator is made from durable, recycled SBR rubber granulate. This not only contributes to environmental conservation but also ensures the product’s longevity and resilience to various weather conditions and heavy use. Its standard black colour, enhanced with 3M reflective tape, ensures high visibility for drivers, even in low-light conditions, and its 1820mm length makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicle types.

Easy Installation for Immediate Impact

Installation is straightforward, requiring only expansion bolts to secure the separator directly into the car park surface. This ease of installation, combined with its robust construction, makes the Parking Separator a quick and effective solution to enhance parking lot safety.

Explore More with Brandsafe

As part of IWS Group, here at Brandsafe we’re dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ safety needs. Our Parking Separator is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. For those looking to further enhance their parking lot safety, our comprehensive range of products, including Bollards, Barriers, Lamp Post WRAP Protector, and HLGV Wheel Stops, offers everything required to secure personnel and property from life-threatening impacts.

All components will be included as part of your bespoke quotation, such as:

  • Ideal for fleet parking & securing docks.
  • Direct expansion bolt installation.
  • Made from recycled SBR rubber.

The Parking Separator unit length is 1820mm.

Colour options available:

  • Standard: Black with reflective 3M tape.
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