Jaguar Land Rover Logistics Centre, Solihull

Jaguar Land Rover at Coventry is a large-scale production plant shipping out luxury vehicles all over the world.

The problem:

The nature of this site means there is a constant high flow of traffic; not only HGVs bringing in new cars, but also the staff traffic flow. JLR opened a staff car park to help manage the traffic, but this presented new problems. HGVs were getting wedged in the 5m high entrances. Shift workers would attempt short cuts in a haste to get out and in, which was dangerous and also caused some vehicles to get stuck.

The solution:

We installed a traffic safety and flow system that helped the logistics of the traffic and, most importantly, made the car park area safe. Height clatter bars – so vehicles can ‘hear’ the danger before the inevitable happens – has been a brilliant resolution and prevented any further incidents. Tyre spikes enforced a one-way system and prevented the short cuts, which was previously causing dangerous traffic scenarios. We also implemented column protections to prevent vehicle damage.

The result:

Now, at JLR, Solihull, there is an enforced one-way traffic system, with multiple safety features that has prevented accidents and damage to vehicle, whilst ensuring a holistic (and not chaotic) traffic flow.

Pedestrian walkway system

HGV height restricted clatter bars

One-way tyre spikes