Impact Prevention Should Go Hand-in-Hand with Impact Protection

When you’ve invested – in many cases – millions of pounds into a refurbished building or a purpose-built facility, you will want to protect the property, the assets and of course, the people. This is where colour and high visibility play an important role. When you’re thinking about the safety solutions around the workplace, you should seriously consider making zones that are at risk of impact, extremely visible through colour. It’s really important that the safety barrier does its job, should it be impacted, but preventing the impact in the first place, through high-visibility products, is a very important safety measure, which can often be overlooked. It’s the step before impact and it will ultimately prevent it. It’s important because things can be seen. The use of colour highlights risks and addresses key risk areas.

Quality Is Important

It’s incredible that I see many companies who have spent upwards of £50m on a new facility and they opt for painted bollards that will go rusty. Having made such a significant capital investment, don’t let it down with the finishing touches. Your facility will look tired before its time, plus it’ll cost you more money to have to re-paint on a bi-annual basis. Instead, opt for quality from the start, for example, galvanised steelwork for long-term corrosion protection, with the addition of vibrant colour polymer cover kits, will underscore your investment with the new generation of safety and impact protection solutions.

Underscoring Your Multi-Million Pound Investment

Don’t go for a mixture of products, of varying qualities, across multiple suppliers. Go for something that underscores your multi-million pound investment. You need a total solution that is sympathetic to your new investment and to your brand culture. You need to be thinking high-performing impact protection that looks as good as it performs. Some companies buy some products from a main contractor and then some from somewhere else. This lets the facility down at the last hurdle. To ensure the safety and the quality continuity throughout the site, engage with a specialist supplier in safety and impact protection.

Influencing Employee Behaviour

The influence that colour can have goes beyond immediate impact prevention. High quality safety investments will influence the safer behaviour that your new facility needs. It sets a standard and encourages a code of conduct and safety practice amongst the operations and production staff at a busy site. Being proud of the facility you work within will ensure you take more care – don’t underestimate that power.

Corporate Culture and Branding Benefits

Not only do coloured safety solutions provide functional benefits but the aesthetics can impact on culture, wellbeing and of course, impressions. Co-ordinating your safety fixtures and fittings with your corporate brand really can enhance as well as ensure longevity of the look and feel of your property.

The Importance of Working with an Industrial Safety Specialist

When it comes to the safety solution for your impact protection, you should consider a specialist partner who can consult and guide you through the process. High quality, high visibility fittings will bring you a long-lasting solution that withstands the test of time and impact. Your investment of the new facility is significant; make sure you underscore it with high-performing, highly durable, high-visibility safety fittings. Work with a partner who provides you the total solution and one that will match the colours to your needs – whether that’s a colour-coded system or for branding or aesthetic purposes – a good provider can assist you with bespoke colour solutions.

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