As a business owner, your number one priority should be the health and safety of your employees. An unsafe workplace can potentially be disastrous, and it’s always better to prevent these issues rather than fix problems after they happen.

While there are a number of obvious signs your workplace is unsafe, there may be some that are either difficult to spot, or you’re so used to seeing them that you forget about them! We’ll discuss the key signs to look out for in your workplace.

Your Employees Aren’t Clued Up

One of the first things your employees should be made aware of is how to safely operate any machinery, know what the procedure is in the event of any incidents, and where all of the fire exits and first aid / medical stations are.

If your staff look confused or straight up tell you they don’t know (or worse, haven’t even been told) any health and safety procedures, this is a huge problem that needs rectifying with the appropriate training ASAP.

Your Existing Safety Measures Are Deteriorating

It’s all well and good installing measures such as safety barriers and guardrails, but if these were installed many years ago and have not been correctly maintained or inspected, it’s crucial that this issue is addressed immediately. The same goes for things like exposed wiring, rusting metals, and other elements of your workplace that could put employees’ health and safety at risk.

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Lack of Correct PPE

If your staff are walking around without the necessary personal protection equipment for your workplace, this is naturally going to be a huge safety risk. Safety goggles, hard hats, and high-visibility protective clothing are all essential health and safety elements in many businesses, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

Regularity of Injuries

If it seems like every other day an employee is either injuring themselves in the workplace or becoming ill, then this may not be a coincidence. Old or run down equipment as well as unsanitary working conditions are key factors in employee sickness and injury. It’s a crucial legal requirement to ensure that all workers have access to a safe, sanitary environment.

Workplace Safety 101: The Steps You Need To Take

Lack of Communication

Communication is a key part of any business, and when it comes to the safety of your workplace, this is no different. Whether verbal or written in the form of safety signage, if there is a lack of communication in your company, this is a clear sign that your workplace could be unsafe. After all, your employees should be regularly reminded of the health and safety protocol to ensure that everyone stays safe.

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