In a warehouse, safety is paramount. But how can you make your warehouse a safer place for everyone? Here we will look at introducing safety barriers and how installing these can keep your warehouse more secure.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+)

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In a warehouse setting, there is often a combination of foot traffic and forklifts, or other machinery, all working in the same space at once. This is why it is so vital to create a safe space for pedestrian access, as well as a clear route for all important vehicular access – this way, everyone can work safely without concern.

A fantastic way to create this delineation is with Pedestrian Safety Barriers. These barriers are perfect for zoning off separate areas, coming in your choice of black or yellow. If you need to restrict pedestrian access to IT and LV units, available with pedestrian sprung return gates so that equipment can be easily accessed and maintained, as well as demountable shoe plate options.

Each Pedestrian Safety Barrier is created to meet your bespoke needs, including the corner post, end post, mid-post and post centres, with a unit height of 1100mm. Made from high-quality materials, these safety barriers can withstand impact and keep your pedestrian workers safe at all times.

Guardrail Systems (MHE / PIT)

Pit Rail 1

In some warehouse environments, it is essential to have more heavy-duty protection for every member of your workforce. Our guardrail systems are ideal for creating space and clear segregation between forklifts and other equipment from pedestrianised routes within your warehouse.

Available in yellow for clear visibility, these guardrail systems can also be adapted to custom colours in order to suit your warehouse environment. Made from heavy-duty steel, these guardrails are durable and sturdy enough to suit most environments, while still being able to integrate pedestrian gates for improved ease of access.

Concerned about cleanliness in an increasingly safety-conscious world? These systems have foam gaskets under the base rails so that there is less chance of dirt building up or debris collecting. Meanwhile, the closed-cell construction keeps your guardrails free from corrosion even during deep cleans – this means that you will not have to replace your guardrail system as frequently.

Coming with de-stacker extensions, the guardrails can stand at roughly 3000mm, creating a perfect separation from areas with stacked materials or larger pieces of equipment. Available with fittings supplied and all parts included, it is easy to create a safer space within your warehouse.

Pedestrian Handrail Systems (HR50)

PedestrianSAFE HR50 Top

Whether inside or outside, your warehouse environment usually requires secure pedestrian walkways. This pedestrian handrail system comes in a choice of yellow or black and is perfect for setting up safe zones within your warehouse setting.

Ideal for factory settings where pedestrian workers need to be separated from conveyor systems, it reduces the likelihood of pedestrian workers straying into areas where they are likely to encounter limb clash or head clash with equipment.

Restricting pedestrian access to safe areas is an essential part of improving worker retention and security – mainly because it results in fewer workplace accidents and injuries.

The pedestrian handrail system has steel boots and you can invest in a low-level barrier rail for added safety. With pedestrian sprung return gates as an option, your equipment will still be easy to access and perform maintenance on, without allowing accidental access.

With all components coming included in your bespoke quote, the system stands at 1100mm, the ideal height for pedestrians and blocking off forklifts and lower height equipment.

Sturdy and long-lasting, you can opt to add demountable shoe plate options for an even higher level of access, while still creating safe and secure walkways for all your workers, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle.

As you can see, installing the correct safety barriers for warehouse environments is a vital step in making certain everyone in your workforce. Whether you are looking for barriers to protect your pedestrian staff and forklift drivers, require a more heavy-duty barrier system for your environment, or need to provide handrails for pedestrians, there are options for your warehouse.

If you are ready to improve the safety in your warehouse, then get in touch with Brandsafe. We can help you to kit out your warehouse, from quote to installation.