Warehouse & Distribution

Whenever Brandsafe undertake a project at a warehouse and distribution location, we always take the time to initially assess the operational use of that particular site. It is crucial that we do this in order to fully understand the working efficiency of a building before we create a bespoke safety solution, as these are usually sites that have multi-faceted vehicular operations – HGVs, reach trucks, forklift trucks and pallet trucks, as well as pedestrian traffic.

Brandsafe's expert in-house team work with you to ensure that our solution complements the site's operations and protects the valuable assets; pedestrian safety, the building and its infrastructure, as well as the end client's products and vehicles. The priority when we design a bespoke solution in this sector is to facilitate maximum efficiency and productivity on-site, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Take a look at some of our most recent project examples from this sector.

Brandsafe have a comprehensive range of products available in this area. You can click here to view the full product range.

MS Bradford 01

M&S Distribution Centre, Bradford

Marks & Spencer are a major high street retailer. The distribution centre is vast and they have installed a three-floor mezzanine within this building to increase capacity

Clipper Group Warehouse, Northampton

Clipper Group provides warehousing, distribution and logistics for multiple retail and high value brands

When Brandsafe work with a manufacturing and production site, the first thing we do is ascertain what the end client is going to be using the plant for. In this sector, there can quite often be project specific restrictions or requirements. For example, there are certain materials that can’t be used at a food manufacturing site. Also, the installation process can be different and have some unique requirements.

The primary focus for the vast majority of manufacturing projects is the safeguarding of people from machinery; keeping people safe in a way that does not obstruct them or cause obstacles that might impede their work. We use our industry experience to perform a comprehensive on-site audit, which will form the basis of our bespoke safety solution. Brandsafe's range of products can be fully customised and we are able to adapt them to suit the needs of different situations as required. Some of our most recent case studies from this sector can be found below.

Brandsafe have a comprehensive range of products available in this area. You can click here to view the full product range.

Jaguar Land Rover Production and Logistics Centre, Solihull

Jaguar Land Rover at Solihull is a large-scale production plant, which is responsible for shipping out luxury vehicles to customers over the world

Brandsafe have numerous years of experience working in this sector and we are well versed in the significance of vehicle logistics. When vehicles are in the shed area, it’s paramount to be able to get them parked up properly, safely and quickly. We always plan to facilitate this, all while keeping the people present on-site as safe as possible.

We supply and install our products on many logistics and transport sites across the UK and Europe. The standard project requirements for these types of facilities tend to include; HGV wheel stops, column protectors, delineators, speed bumps, clatter bars and traffic control measures. See below for our most recent case studies in this sector.

Brandsafe have a comprehensive range of products available in this area. You can click here to view the full product range.


Amazon Mansfield

Amazon Mansfield is a major logistics warehouse development of over 500,000 sq. ft. at Summit Park


Amazon Leeds

Amazon Leeds is a 361,000 sq. ft. distribution and logistics hub at the Logic Leeds development

Latitude V2

Latitude Magna Park, Milton Keynes

Situated at the expansive Magna Park development in Milton Keynes, Latitude is a 186,443 sq. ft. logistics warehouse in an ideal location for distribution