With the start of the new year, now is the perfect time to reassess your industrial safety equipment requirements – get the new year off to a good and safe start with us as we explore the industrial safety products you should consider for 2022.

Reviewing your products

Before we dive into the industrial safety products that you will want to prioritise in 2022, first let’s think about how you will know what you need. It is important to regularly review your current industrial safety equipment – so take the opportunity to look at this now! You should also take this time to think about what you might need going forward, both new products and those which you have now that may need replacing. From this point, you will be able to find the right products and impact protection services for you.

Pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety is more important than ever in the current times. With COVID-19 restrictions having eased, there will be more foot traffic in your workplace than in the past nearly two years. Now that there will be more people around, you need to consider how pedestrians can co-exist in your space with heavy machinery and equipment.

One of the best ways to keep pedestrians safe is with safety barriers and guardrails. These keep pedestrians in clearly delineated zones, keeping pedestrian routes separated from routes that are used by vehicles. EdgeWRAP is another essential part of protecting pedestrians, softening hard edges and protecting pedestrians from hurting their heads or limbs and protecting exposed edges from suffering damage, too.

Armco accessories

Armco accessories are simple but effective when it comes to impact protection, which can help to save you from both damage and costs later on down the line. Armco provides safety barriers for both your inside and outside spaces, as well as end protection and post caps. These help to keep edges from sustaining damage and can help to save you money on those unexpected yet costly bumps and accidents that can happen in a busy warehouse setting. They also have options that are highly visible to help you to see the impact protection in dimmer areas.

Bollards and delineators

Protecting your investment in workplace infrastructure might seem like a difficult job, but it is easier with bollards and delineators. These are perfect for areas of heavy traffic, keeping bollards clearly defined and delineated and separating areas. This also keeps traffic from being too close together, which can in itself cause problems and potential vehicle damage. There are many different types of bollards, from those that drop down to those that remain in place. They are available in classic black and yellow, but also in other colours such as red and white, to suit your specific area and needs. These high visibility products are ideal for car park areas, as well. There are even heavy-duty bollards suitable for warehouses with large equipment or coach areas.

Flexible delineator accessories

Delineators are an excellent way to keep your warehouse or car parks safe, but you will also need to think about some accessories which can help to increase and enhance the protection they offer. Flexible signage is useful for vehicle parking areas, as you can use them to show that an area is suitable for vehicles used by disabled staff or visitors – or use them to highlight a parking space that should be used for an electric vehicle. These not only prevent damage to vehicles when encroached upon, but they also provide clarity for visitors or staff.

Safety barriers & guardrails

Safety barriers are not just for pedestrians who work onsite, they also help to protect visitors and warehouse infrastructure from impact damage. You can keep your warehouse areas clearly defined and your traffic safety management clear and easy, reducing the chances of accidents in 2022.

As we have seen, these are a range of industrial safety products that you should invest in for 2022 in order to keep your environment safe and protected from those unfortunate accidents. If you want to upgrade and update your current safety products, get in touch with BrandSafe to see how we can help you to keep it safe in 2022 and beyond.