There are some essentials that you need to be aware of when thinking of health and safety within a warehouse environment. One of the most important things to consider is how you can improve warehouse visibility – here, we will look at how you can do this with Brandsafe.

Why is warehouse visibility important?

A warehouse can be a difficult environment to navigate, both for pedestrians and those working with vehicles such as forklifts. With a range of workers focusing on different areas, stacks of materials, and heavy-duty machinery, there are many areas where health and safety issues become more prevalent.

Providing full training and guidance to employees is a vital way to create a safer environment, but you can improve this further by increasing warehouse visibility. Ensuring that every space is well delineated and protected allows employees to see each area more clearly and creates a safer working environment for everyone, decreasing the number of accidents in the workplace. So how can you ensure that you have the best possible visibility?

Safety barriers/guardrailsGuardrail Systems (MHE / PIT)

Safety barriers and/or guardrails can be used to help improve the visibility of potential hazards whilst also protecting warehouse infrastructure from sustaining damage. They can help to reduce the number of collisions that occur in a busy warehouse environment. Pedestrian safety barriers are available in black and yellow to highlight areas where it is safe for employees to walk uninterrupted by equipment or vehicles, while yellow guardrail systems allow a more heavy-duty separation between machinery and pedestrians. These are essential for any warehouse setting, as they can also be used to separate pallets or stacked items from forklifts or other vehicles, preventing materials from being damaged by accidental collisions.


Another excellent way of creating more visibility in the warehouse is with bollards. These create delineation and protect certain areas of your warehouse. Made from sturdy steel and polyurethane, Brandsafe bollards come in a range of colours to suit your warehouse, each providing a high level of visibility while also keeping areas of your warehouse separated and secure. These are especially essential if you have heavy-duty machinery, or need to block off part of your warehouse for pedestrians or smaller vehicles. For example, a drop core bollard can be used when you need it, with reflective elements for extra safety. There are many different types of bollards to suit your needs.

Bollards are also a good idea as sometimes collisions do occur, and they are designed to be able to absorb the shock of being knocked by a vehicle.

Column protectors

PolyWRAP Forklift Impact SkirtAnother example of items that can help increase visibility is column protectors, which help make the columns more visible to pedestrians and vehicles to avoid collisions. These protectors create a barrier around columns both inside and outside your warehouse setting. The bright colours increase the likelihood of a column being seen from vehicles, and they are also designed to absorb the impact of unexpected collisions. This also helps to protect the structure of your warehouse, as these column protectors keep supportive elements of your warehouse secure. These are quick and easy to install and can be stacked in a straightforward manner, allowing for maximum visibility from all heights of vehicles, as well as from the ground. They can also be used outside on lampposts to allow for improved visibility in the areas surrounding your warehouse, ideal for incoming vehicles and pedestrians moving around the outer area.

As we have seen, visibility in the warehouse is of high importance, both financially and for security purposes. It can help to improve health and safety overall, keeping workers and equipment secure and lowering the risk of injury and damage.

Implementing such measures as safety barriers and column protectors can help with this – if you are looking for new ways to improve visibility in your warehouse environment, you can do so with BrandSafe’s variety of health and safety products.

In the long term, incorporating these products into your warehouse can help to save money on possible damage later on down the line, and prevent injuries from occurring. There are items to suit every kind of warehouse and every budget, so check out our full BrandSafe range for high quality products to keep your environment safer.