Value Of Protecting Your EV Charging Points From Impact Damage

Many companies are investing in electric vehicle charging stations at their premises. With commercial units costing well over £1,000, we want to help you avoid EV charging point damage with inexpensive existing products. The deadline for all cars to be electric is approaching fast. So, any venture which operates a fleet or manages logistics is exploring the most cost-effective way to provide EV charging points and the price for installing EV stations can vary enormously.

Then there is the issue of damage to be considered. When electric cars or autonomous vehicles hit a charging point instead of sliding effectively alongside it, the repercussions are considerable. We offer a range of products that will protect these charging points from impact damage; ensuring that your significant investment in this technology is looked after.

How likely is EV charging station damage?

If you don’t protect these new structures, you could face the problem of being unable to charge commercial vehicles that should be out on the road. You also face the need for costly repairs or even a complete replacement. Grants are available for initial installation, but not for when your equipment gets scuffed, clipped or reversed into.

Well-designed EV charging stations are compact and unobtrusive, housing communication and automatic data management systems in their structure, along with either a tethered charging lead or a charging socket. The irony is, the more streamlined your model is, the more likely it is that the complex circuitry and specially designed housing are in peril. Particularly when you initially install the EV points, and driver awareness is low.

Brandsafe provides three standard packages (or a bespoke solution if needed) to shield your EV stations from impact. The one you choose depends on the number of EV points you have, the layout of your site, the volume of likely usage and the size of vehicles operating on the site.

Light Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

Ideal for private and small public car parks where domestic vehicles are the primary source of traffic, our standard Light Duty Protection package consists of 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts that are highly visible to pedestrians and drivers. They provide strong and robust impact protection for this type of application.

Medium Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

For industrial and larger public car parks, we provide 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts and a Wheel Stop for added coverage. We recommend this package as a solution when there is a medium-to-high risk of impact damage and where light industrial vehicles (such as electric vans) are going to be using these charging points.

Heavy Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

When there are larger industrial vehicles (such as HLGVs and HGVs), we utilise 2 No. ImpactSAFE Bollards and a Wheel Stop. Brandsafe can also offer Armco Safety Barriers as an additional part of this package, the ideal layout of which we can advise on due to our extensive experience with designing and installing these systems.

Bespoke Solutions

We have the capability and flexibility to create custom solutions to suit the exact requirements of your projects. This can range from non-standard colours to suit clients’ branding, to additional signage and protection for surrounding sign / lamp posts, etc. Brandsafe’s team of Product Specialists are on-hand to advise you.

Site surveys for EV charging points

EV Charging Point Protection at Amazon Gateshead Car Park

In commercial settings – such as industrial parks, HGV service yards and fulfilment and logistics bases – protecting your EV charging stations requires more detailed planning. When evaluating where to put EV charging stations – or operating existing ones – don’t forget to consider the repercussions for pedestrians, as well as the level of traffic movement involved.

For example, if your EV point is a section of your car park that’s been used as a short cut by staff, you need to erect warning tapes, impact protection posts and other safety measures. Consider whether wraps for existing lamp or sign posts and rail ends are needed to reduce the risks created as vehicles approach and leave your new EV charging points. This could also be a great time to review your speed bumps and other traffic calming measures.

Speak with our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.