Enhance Workplace Safety with Brandsafe’s Comprehensive Site Safety Audits

At Brandsafe, we recognise the crucial need for maintaining a secure workplace. Our comprehensive Site Safety Audits are tailored to ensure that all installed safety measures not only continue to perform effectively but also comply with stringent safety standards. Designed to pre-emptively identify and mitigate potential hazards, these audits are instrumental in fostering a safer work environment and enhancing operational safety for all employees. Our Site Safety Audit is methodically structured into three phases: 'Inspect', 'Report', and 'Recommend'. This systematic approach ensures comprehensive evaluation and sustained compliance with safety standards.

Building on this commitment to workplace safety, our audits encompass a thorough examination of existing protocols and equipment. By integrating both a visual and functional assessment of safety barriers, signage, and emergency access points, we ensure that every aspect of your safety infrastructure is up to date and functioning as intended. Our expert auditors focus on critical areas that may be overlooked during regular operations, providing you with insights and actionable data that drive continuous safety improvements.

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The initial phase of our Site Safety Audit involves a comprehensive on-site inspection led by our seasoned safety specialists. This inspection includes a detailed examination of each installed safety feature—ranging from Polymer Barriers and Bollards to Line Markings—to evaluate their current condition and functionality. Our experts diligently look for any signs of deterioration, damage, or other concerns that could potentially compromise safety. Employing exhaustive checklists and best-in-class practices, we guarantee a meticulous assessment with no detail overlooked.


After the inspection, a comprehensive pictorial report is compiled to provide a detailed overview of the current state of your safety installations. The report encompasses photographs of each inspected item, annotations on any observed defects or conditions, and a comprehensive assessment of the safety environment. This documentation is essential for monitoring the longevity and effectiveness of safety solutions and serves as a vital record for compliance purposes.

Walkways: Polymer barriers, line marking, mezzanine protectors.
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Based on the findings from our inspection and the insights gathered from the report, we provide tailored recommendations to address any identified issues. Whether it’s replacing worn-out materials, updating outdated installations, or suggesting additional safety measures, our recommendations are designed to enhance safety and compliance with the latest industry standards. We also offer guidance on best practices for maintenance to prolong the life of your safety solutions.

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The Critical Importance of Health and Safety Audits

Impact of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents and injuries significantly impact businesses, leading to lost productivity, increased downtime, and long-term health issues for employees. They also expose companies to legal and financial risks. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive reveal that annually around 50 people die and over 5,000 are injured in workplace transport accidents in the UK, highlighting the urgent need for effective safety measures.

Adhering to PAS 13 Standards

The PAS 13 standard, developed by the British Standards Institution in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive and industry experts, offers a robust framework for traffic management and safety barrier implementation in industrial settings. It provides comprehensive guidelines on the specifications, placement, and testing of safety barriers to exceed safety requirements and protect both personnel and infrastructure.

Three-Phase Safety Audit Process

Following PAS 13 guidelines, our auditing process is structured into three phases: inspect, report, and recommend. The initial inspection identifies both current and potential safety concerns, critically assessing the impact resistance, dimensions, and placement of safety solutions. Detailed testing is included to ensure maximum protection.

In the report phase, findings are detailed in a comprehensive document that tracks the effectiveness of installed safety measures and ensures compliance with safety regulations. The final phase involves providing tailored recommendations for necessary improvements or updates to meet the latest safety standards, ensuring ongoing protection for personnel and infrastructure.

Legal Compliance and Regular Audits

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, UK employers are mandated to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their employees, which includes regular risk assessments and audits. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 further require that risks be systematically assessed and managed. Regular safety audits are crucial in warehouse and industrial environments where the risk of accidents involving heavy machinery and large volumes of goods is high. These audits are essential not only for compliance with standards like PAS 13 but also for enhancing operational efficiency and employee safety.

The Value and Necessity of Regular Safety Audits

Regular health and safety audits are essential for safeguarding the workforce and maintaining efficient, compliant operations. While not always legally mandated, these audits are strongly recommended as part of best practices. Neglecting safety equipment checks and health and safety training can lead to severe legal repercussions if incidents occur.

Safety audits examine every element of workplace safety infrastructure, from barrier stability to signage visibility. Implementing insights from these audits enhances safety, reduces downtime, and prevents costly accidents, boosting operational efficiency and employee morale while protecting the company's reputation.



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Partnering with Brandsafe

Brandsafe is dedicated to collaborating with you to conduct these audits, ensuring that your safety measures meet both compliance standards and are optimised for your specific operational needs. By scheduling your next health and safety audit with us, you are taking a significant step towards mitigating accidents and enhancing a culture of safety within your organisation.

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Reach out to Brandsafe today to discover how our comprehensive safety audits can safeguard your most valuable asset—your workforce. Protecting your team not only complies with legal standards but also builds a foundation for a resilient and efficient operational environment.


Regular health and safety audits are essential for any business committed to the safety of its workforce and to maintaining a legally compliant operation. By following best practices and implementing regular audits, you ensure the highest safety outcomes, effectively protecting both people and assets. Contact Brandsafe now to schedule your audit and secure a safer tomorrow for your business.

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