Why Racking Protection Is Important When Working with Racking Systems

Any business that uses a racking storage solution should put special consideration into getting pallet racking protection. But what is it exactly? Why is it important? Read on and find out as Brandsafe shares information on this topic:

What Exactly Is Racking Protection?

Racking system protection is made up of products used to avoid damage to commercial racking systems. As you probably already know, storage spaces requiring lifting equipment are prone to safety risks. For that reason alone, warehouse racking protection is indeed a necessity. 

There are various types of protective products that can be used in combination with your racking system. From floor-mounted racking upright protectors to column guards, everything you need to protect your racking system is available for use.

Why Is Racking Protection Important?

Without the right pallet racking protection, you risk potentially costly damages. Not only is it possible for your goods to be destroyed, but your workers could be injured, too. To avoid such disasters, it’s a good idea to have protection.

There are other obvious advantages aside from what’s already mentioned. For one, the machinery used to handle pallets in your warehouse is extremely powerful and heavy that it can easily dent and damage entire rows of racking. You won’t have to worry about this when installing pallet racking upright protectors. 

It’s not just those accidents that may or may not happen that you should be concerned about. Even just the everyday wear and tear is something you need to watch. A damaged rack, no matter how minor it is, could be unsafe to use. When some of your much-needed storage space is compromised, not only will you have to shell out a lot of money to get it fixed or replaced, but there’s a likelihood that your operations will be put to a halt, too. 

Racking protection is a preventive measure and a reminder to your operators that certain areas need to be avoided.

Different Types of Racking Protection

There are different types of protective products you can use. Each fulfills a different role, and they’re all priced differently, too: 

Racking Leg Protectors

These are available in different forms. There are clip-on foam covers and polymer-based column guards that are attached using Velcro straps, among others. In general, they are meant to be disposable so that when they’re damaged after a while or after an impact, they can easily be removed and replaced in minutes without affecting the rack’s structure. 

End-of-Rack Barriers

These are designed to obstruct contact with heavy-duty equipment. Compared to racking leg protectors, though, these are more permanent and are often made from steel. They need to be robust enough to withstand huge amounts of force without putting the rack at risk.

Floor-Mounted Racking Upright Protectors

These are also varied when it comes to design and their capabilities. There are products that are optimised for the protection of the corner legs of the racks, while others are more to keep an upright from being damaged as lift trucks move past them. 


Getting racking protection is a no-brainer. In fact, you already have to have it if you have massive volumes of pallet racking and other storage systems in your warehouse. If you don’t have a racking protection plan yet, don’t delay to find out more about it.

When you get it from the right supplier, the price is worth it, and you’ll be glad that you’ve made the decision to invest in this type of protection – and not just from the damage to your racking system but from everything else, too.

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