M&S Distribution Centre, Bradford

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Marks & Spencer are a high street retailer. The distribution centre is vast and, within the building, they had installed a three-floor mezzanine to increase capacity.

The Challenge:

Every mezzanine has to have an edge rail as standard. However, at this site, they are operating pump trucks, which brings an added dimension of safety risk. The challenge here was to create a safety solution that would make the mezzanine safe for people, pump trucks and products to operate on safely.

The Solution:

Brandsafe was able to design and install a bespoke system for this site, a unique 3-in-1 mezzanine edge protection system, which included:

  • A 2.4m high fencing edge, along with a handrail, to comply with safety regulations
  • A low-level Armco barrier system, incorporated within the bespoke system, to prevent the pallet trucks from driving into the fencing and spilling over the edge

The Result:

A huge benefit to M&S was the cost and time we were able to save them, as we provided a complete solution, which meant a single-sourced combined solution, rather than having to work with multiple suppliers.

The end result was a bespoke system, fully tested and compliant with safety standards and regulations, so that M&S can operate confidently and safely across the three mezzanine floors.

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M&S Bradford 03

Clipper Group Warehouse, Northampton

Clipper Group provides warehousing, distribution and logistics for multiple retail and high value brands. Providing services for many brands – large and small – across the UK, it is essential their operations perform with speed and accuracy, whilst providing protection and security to the people and the goods that pass through their doors.


To create a system that enables the workforce to navigate through the building safely, securely and efficiently. We had to provide a solution that fulfilled the security requirement, to protect the high value goods that are on site. We had to ensure pedestrian safety, without disturbing the vehicle traffic and operations.


The first thing we looked at was identifying where there could be ‘natural’ break points in the pedestrian routes for traffic to pass through safely, to keep all traffic moving – pedestrians and vehicles.

From doing this, we implemented a bespoke system for Clipper, which included:

  • A secure cage walkway – a mesh, walkway system that filtered staff from point A to point B (security check).
  • Barriers to keep the pedestrian routes safe from the trucking routes.
  • Integrated natural break points, with pedestrian gates, for traffic to pass safely through without interrupting pedestrian traffic flow.

The result:

In place at Clipper, we now have a high quality, sustainable and highly visible safety traffic solution, which ultimately keeps pedestrians safe. With the added security measures, it also ensures that the relevant security system and processes are in place to protect their valuable goods.