Jaguar Land Rover Manufacturing Plant, Solihull

Jaguar Land Rover is a worldwide manufacturer of iconic, luxury cars. Throughout our design and installation, the finish was important, to fit within the look and feel of the brand and culture, but also to protect the expensive cars from any damage.

The Challenge:

Within the ‘trim and final’ hall, there are multiple activities going on, including machinery and conveyor systems, plus the logistical operations. An entire wall of roller shutter doors presented a constant safety concern. With vehicles driving and reversing into this area, there were pedestrian walkways in between each gap.

The Solution:

We introduced a pedestrian walkway system. The design incorporates gates at either end of the walkway, which requires the pedestrian to pull the gate towards them. This simple action gives them extra time to see if a vehicle is coming, without making the mistake of walking onto oncoming traffic.

The Result:

Jaguar Land Rover are very happy with the walkway system, which was sympathetically designed to fit within the aesthetics of the production and logistics areas. Most of all, the safety concern is now removed, with JLR confident their workforce can safely move between the production and logistic areas.