Have you thought about your traffic management system? There are some essentials you need for it, such as car park stops. Here, we will look at what car park stops are and what you need depending on the vehicle type.

What are car park stops?

CAR Wheelstop Scaled 1Car park stops are, simply put, wedges of material that are placed in the path of wheels in order to prevent a vehicle from moving forwards. BrandSafe has a range of car park stops to suit every business and many wheel types – so you can keep safe and efficient.

Why do you need car park stops?

Car park stops (otherwise known as wheel stops) are a must-have for your traffic management systems. They are used to help protect pedestrians, and to ensure that your worksite is safe and well ordered. When used in conjunction with bollards and potentially even speed bumps, they help to control the movement of vehicles, which is especially useful in construction or warehouse environments, when a vehicle moving unexpectedly could have very serious consequences to both people and your workplace itself.

They keep vehicles from moving and allow them to move in an ordered flow when appropriate. In fact, wheel stops are a highly important part of your overall health and safety.

But what wheel stops do you need for your own vehicles? Read on to find out.

HGV wheel stops

HGV Wheelstop 86It is very important to have the appropriate precautions in place when it comes to HGVs. Heavy goods vehicles often contain a large amount of materials, which means keeping them in place is of the utmost importance, ensuring the safety of the driver, the vehicle itself, any pedestrians around, and the area the vehicle is in. Not to mention the goods contained within the vehicle.

In this case, you will require a larger wheel stop, and BrandSafe’s design is 150mm high and 1000mm long to accommodate the size of HGV wheels. With a hi-vis strip, these wheel stops have excellent visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. These stops work for a range of vehicles, such as double-deckers, coaches, and combination vehicles. They do not require frequent repainting and are solid and sturdy enough to keep these large vehicles in place.

HLGV wheel stops

HLGV wheel stops can be used for combination vehicles, coaches, and even double-deckers. They are 110mm high and 1000mm long, suitable for these larger vehicles. They are also equipped with a high visibility strip which encourages the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and anyone who happens to be around the vehicles while they are parked. With a ribbed side directed towards the rear of the bay, these solid wheel stops are suitable for a range of settings.

Car wheel stops

While cars may be smaller than other vehicle types discussed here, it is still vital to ensure that they do not move independently. Keeping them in place and well-controlled is essential, so car wheel stops are a vital part of your workplace or car park. These types of car wheel stops can be used in domestic car parks where you need to ensure that cars, vans, coaches, or other vehicles are well spaced and do not clash against one another. Car wheel stops also keep the vehicles from parking in places they shouldn’t, such as against fences or walls.

BrandSafe’s car wheel stops are created using recycled truck tyres and come in yellow or red to suit your visibility needs. Measuring 900mm long, 200mm wide and 80mm high, they are suitable for a variety of vehicles. The high visibility strips mean that both drivers and pedestrians have that little bit of extra safety.

Keeping people safe should always be your top priority in your working environment – and you can improve the safety of your space with BrandSafe’s wheel stops. These essential car park stops can be suitable for cars, HGVs or HLGVs, meaning you can make sure that your working environment is secure no matter what type of vehicles you use. Each of these is supplied with a fixing kit so that you can take advantage of them quickly and easily. View our full BrandSafe range of car park stops, and get in touch to see how we can best help to improve the safety of your environment.