Safety Bollards: 5 Types and Their Uses for Your Business

Safety bollards are a simple but effective solution for traffic management and H&S compliance. With a wide variety to choose from, in this article, we take a look at five different types of safety bollards and their functions.

Commercial premises where off-road and on-road vehicles operate all have their own individual risk points and challenges. Whether that’s areas in which pedestrians and vehicles both feature or where a collision could cause serious structural damage.

Badly managed site traffic can obviously put people in dangerous situations and attract heavy Health and Safety penalties if and when the worst happens. You could also find that even a minor collision interrupts your business day, and results in costly repairs to the vehicle and/or your building.

Strategically placed safety bollards offset these risks significantly. Primarily by alerting both drivers and pedestrians to risks. Modern versions can also serve more purposes, as the following five types of safety bollards illustrate.

1. EV Charging Point Protection

EV Charging Point Protection - A type of Safety Bollards

With the growing use of electric vehicles, workplaces are making provisions for easily accessible charging ports in public and commercial parking areas.

This can leave you with a new area of vulnerability though, as vehicles bumping into or even scuffing your charging points can mean expensive repairs or replacements.

Brandsafe offers an effective solution to this modern-day problem; in the form of safety bollards specifically designed to guard your electric vehicle charging equipment. They can be quickly and easily installed to shield EV charging points.

These products also help to flag up your facilities for electric car, van and truck charging, as well as guiding drivers to the best parking positions to use them.

As standard, we offer product packages that will cover either light, medium or heavy-duty impact risks. Alongside our standard options, we can also offer bespoke solutions that are made-to-measure to provide the best possible protection for your site’s EV charging points.

2. Flexible Bollards & Delineators

Safety Bollards on road

The role safety bollards play in alerting site users to risks is well illustrated with our range of bollards and accessories to mark out traffic routes. It’s hard to miss a strategically placed array of flexible bollards and delineators in high-vis colours.

However, one of the advantages of this product range is that if something does hit these safety bollards at low speeds, they bend and move, before taking up their original shape and configuration.

This means that if vehicles do make contact, there’s no damage done. As they are relatively low-cost, you can use flexible bollards extensively for temporary and permanent traffic management.

3. Flexible Delineator – Parking Bay Signage

A Delineator Signage Post ASM

This addition to our versatile and long-lasting flexible bollard range will help businesses to manage traffic flows with agility and confidence. Flexible delineators to indicate parking bays will become an increasingly popular safety solution as staff return to the workplace and more in-person site meetings take place.

Collisions in parking areas are not the only problem that can be solved with this type of safety bollard though. You can also solve a lot of confusion for visitors to your site, and make sure that drivers park logically and neatly.

Flexible delineators that feature parking bay indicators currently include options to mark out either Disabled or Electric Vehicle Parking Bays.

This product is easy to spot, but unlike permanent parking signage, you can move it around when needed. If vehicles do make contact, the materials and design avoid structural damage to the vehicle and the bollard itself.

4. Bollard Cover Kits

Safety Bollards for HGV Protection

This is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective types of safety bollard options, that still manages to play a role in keeping vehicles flowing safely and sites incident-free.

These snap-fit, polymer moulded bollard cover kits turn your existing posts into an easy-to-spot safety structure. The kits come in various high-vis colours, so you can categorise your posts. They are also available in a range of sizes, all fitted with reflective bands to increase visibility in poor light.

As they require little-to-no maintenance, they are an ideal all-weather, 24-hour system to guide traffic and make your site posts more obvious.

5. Demountable Drop Core Bollards

Safety Bollard on work site

Like all the safety bollards outlined here, demountable drop core bollard options are easy and quick to install, as well as being highly cost-efficient.

As the name suggests, Demountable Drop Core Bollards can also be swiftly relocated as your site traffic needs change. They are not flimsy though. Made from steel and polyurethane, these safety bollards are designed to highlight and protect high-risk areas. This includes warehouse loading bays and external site entrances / exits.

The five colours all feature 50mm reflective strips to support visibility in poor light.

Which safety bollards do I need?

With such an extensive range of safety bollards available, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you have the correct systems to meet current and changing site requirements. Contact Brandsafe for free advice on traffic management and safety features in your workplace.

Products in Focus: Safety Barriers for Your Warehouse

In a warehouse, safety is paramount. But how can you make your warehouse a safer place for everyone? Here we will look at introducing safety barriers and how installing these can keep your warehouse more secure.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+)

IMG 20200902 WA0094

In a warehouse setting, there is often a combination of foot traffic and forklifts, or other machinery, all working in the same space at once. This is why it is so vital to create a safe space for pedestrian access, as well as a clear route for all important vehicular access – this way, everyone can work safely without concern.

A fantastic way to create this delineation is with Pedestrian Safety Barriers. These barriers are perfect for zoning off separate areas, coming in your choice of black or yellow. If you need to restrict pedestrian access to IT and LV units, available with pedestrian sprung return gates so that equipment can be easily accessed and maintained, as well as demountable shoe plate options.

Each Pedestrian Safety Barrier is created to meet your bespoke needs, including the corner post, end post, mid-post and post centres, with a unit height of 1100mm. Made from high-quality materials, these safety barriers can withstand impact and keep your pedestrian workers safe at all times.

Guardrail Systems (MHE / PIT)

Pit Rail 1

In some warehouse environments, it is essential to have more heavy-duty protection for every member of your workforce. Our guardrail systems are ideal for creating space and clear segregation between forklifts and other equipment from pedestrianised routes within your warehouse.

Available in yellow for clear visibility, these guardrail systems can also be adapted to custom colours in order to suit your warehouse environment. Made from heavy-duty steel, these guardrails are durable and sturdy enough to suit most environments, while still being able to integrate pedestrian gates for improved ease of access.

Concerned about cleanliness in an increasingly safety-conscious world? These systems have foam gaskets under the base rails so that there is less chance of dirt building up or debris collecting. Meanwhile, the closed-cell construction keeps your guardrails free from corrosion even during deep cleans – this means that you will not have to replace your guardrail system as frequently.

Coming with de-stacker extensions, the guardrails can stand at roughly 3000mm, creating a perfect separation from areas with stacked materials or larger pieces of equipment. Available with fittings supplied and all parts included, it is easy to create a safer space within your warehouse.

Pedestrian Handrail Systems (HR50)

PedestrianSAFE HR50 Top

Whether inside or outside, your warehouse environment usually requires secure pedestrian walkways. This pedestrian handrail system comes in a choice of yellow or black and is perfect for setting up safe zones within your warehouse setting.

Ideal for factory settings where pedestrian workers need to be separated from conveyor systems, it reduces the likelihood of pedestrian workers straying into areas where they are likely to encounter limb clash or head clash with equipment.

Restricting pedestrian access to safe areas is an essential part of improving worker retention and security – mainly because it results in fewer workplace accidents and injuries.

The pedestrian handrail system has steel boots and you can invest in a low-level barrier rail for added safety. With pedestrian sprung return gates as an option, your equipment will still be easy to access and perform maintenance on, without allowing accidental access.

With all components coming included in your bespoke quote, the system stands at 1100mm, the ideal height for pedestrians and blocking off forklifts and lower height equipment.

Sturdy and long-lasting, you can opt to add demountable shoe plate options for an even higher level of access, while still creating safe and secure walkways for all your workers, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle.

As you can see, installing the correct safety barriers for warehouse environments is a vital step in making certain everyone in your workforce. Whether you are looking for barriers to protect your pedestrian staff and forklift drivers, require a more heavy-duty barrier system for your environment, or need to provide handrails for pedestrians, there are options for your warehouse.

If you are ready to improve the safety in your warehouse, then get in touch with Brandsafe. We can help you to kit out your warehouse, from quote to installation.

EV Charging Points: Protecting Your Investment from Impact Damage

Value Of Protecting Your EV Charging Points From Impact Damage

Many companies are investing in electric vehicle charging stations at their premises. With commercial units costing well over £1,000, we want to help you avoid EV charging point damage with inexpensive existing products. The deadline for all cars to be electric is approaching fast. So, any venture which operates a fleet or manages logistics is exploring the most cost-effective way to provide EV charging points and the price for installing EV stations can vary enormously.

Then there is the issue of damage to be considered. When electric cars or autonomous vehicles hit a charging point instead of sliding effectively alongside it, the repercussions are considerable. We offer a range of products that will protect these charging points from impact damage; ensuring that your significant investment in this technology is looked after.

How likely is EV charging station damage?

If you don’t protect these new structures, you could face the problem of being unable to charge commercial vehicles that should be out on the road. You also face the need for costly repairs or even a complete replacement. Grants are available for initial installation, but not for when your equipment gets scuffed, clipped or reversed into.

Well-designed EV charging stations are compact and unobtrusive, housing communication and automatic data management systems in their structure, along with either a tethered charging lead or a charging socket. The irony is, the more streamlined your model is, the more likely it is that the complex circuitry and specially designed housing are in peril. Particularly when you initially install the EV points, and driver awareness is low.

Brandsafe provides three standard packages (or a bespoke solution if needed) to shield your EV stations from impact. The one you choose depends on the number of EV points you have, the layout of your site, the volume of likely usage and the size of vehicles operating on the site.

Light Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

Ideal for private and small public car parks where domestic vehicles are the primary source of traffic, our standard Light Duty Protection package consists of 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts that are highly visible to pedestrians and drivers. They provide strong and robust impact protection for this type of application.

Medium Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

For industrial and larger public car parks, we provide 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts and a Wheel Stop for added coverage. We recommend this package as a solution when there is a medium-to-high risk of impact damage and where light industrial vehicles (such as electric vans) are going to be using these charging points.

Heavy Duty Protection

EV Charging Point Protection Posts

When there are larger industrial vehicles (such as HLGVs and HGVs), we utilise 2 No. ImpactSAFE Bollards and a Wheel Stop. Brandsafe can also offer Armco Safety Barriers as an additional part of this package, the ideal layout of which we can advise on due to our extensive experience with designing and installing these systems.

Bespoke Solutions

We have the capability and flexibility to create custom solutions to suit the exact requirements of your projects. This can range from non-standard colours to suit clients’ branding, to additional signage and protection for surrounding sign / lamp posts, etc. Brandsafe’s team of Product Specialists are on-hand to advise you.

Site surveys for EV charging points

EV Charging Point Protection at Amazon Gateshead Car Park

In commercial settings – such as industrial parks, HGV service yards and fulfilment and logistics bases – protecting your EV charging stations requires more detailed planning. When evaluating where to put EV charging stations – or operating existing ones – don’t forget to consider the repercussions for pedestrians, as well as the level of traffic movement involved.

For example, if your EV point is a section of your car park that’s been used as a short cut by staff, you need to erect warning tapes, impact protection posts and other safety measures. Consider whether wraps for existing lamp or sign posts and rail ends are needed to reduce the risks created as vehicles approach and leave your new EV charging points. This could also be a great time to review your speed bumps and other traffic calming measures.

Speak with our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Products in Focus: Column Protectors for Your Warehouse

Column wraps, skirts or guards can be sourced cheaply, installed quickly and serve a vital role in warehouse H&S. The potential for column protectors to save you time and money is outlined here.

A momentary distraction or misjudgement in your warehouse could end up costing you dearly. Especially if it results in staff injuries or structural damage that makes your building unsafe. Not to mention lost productivity and repair bills.

One of the most common incidents in warehouse operations is a forklift truck, pallet jack or other machinery and vehicles hitting support columns or racking. In many businesses, it’s often the same edge or corner that gets repeatedly scuffed or reversed in to.

This is a daily risk, no matter how well trained your team are, and no matter how logically you have laid out your warehouse.

Clearly, it represents a serious problem for the driver or operator, or anyone standing nearby if it brings a structure down. Even the slightest knock or graze on an unwieldy surface can dent your high-value equipment. It also has the potential to lead to a visit from a structural engineer to assess potential hidden damage to concrete supports.

Downtime and lost productivity can be an inevitable and unfortunate result.

Many of these issues become far less of a concern by simply fitting low-cost column protection products. Especially ones that are heavy duty and made of the right impact-resistant polymer materials.

The engineering principles of column protection

PolyWRAP Column Protectors are incredibly lightweight and easy to slot into place and secure to any protruding structures. Yet their efficiency in absorbing impact is unparalleled.

Buying these vital warehouse safety produces from Brandsafe also means you benefit from a recyclable polyethene protection system.

We sell a range of standard sizes, which can create a heavy-duty guard on columns from 152mm x 152mm up to 914mm x 305mm in size. However, we can also provide custom-fit column protectors for the ultimate structural shield.

This range is stackable, and due to its clamshell design and ratchet straps, it can be fitted and secured in minutes.

The recessed feature covers the base plate and studs up to 500mm x 500mm, avoiding trip hazards in warehouses too.

It will start having a positive effect from minute one. The bright colours act as alert to the presence of supports in the path of moving machinery. However, the true test comes when the first impact occurs. The quality polyethene material absorbs the kinetic energy, minimising the damage to both the machine and column.

Don’t forget PolyWRAP Column Protectors are ideal for outdoor use too, to keep the approach to your warehouse safer and less prone to damage.

Additional forklift impact protection

In areas where forklift activity is particularly high, we recommend considering the addition of PolyWRAP Forklift Impact Skirting may be useful. It creates a barrier 140mm high at the base of the column protector and can safely absorb the low-level impacts from forklift truck forks and pallets.

It shares many of the advantages of PolyWRAP Column Protectors, as it needs no mechanical placement or fixing, and can be slotted securely around vulnerable structures swiftly and inexpensively.

Impact protection in modern day warehouses is not a static issue

Once you have installed safety products at loading bay doors, around racking and to protect major columns, there could still be more risks to shield against. Mapping out your warehouse to replace or add extra barriers, guides and column protectors should be a continuous process.

You could well find that your operations shift and change over time, so your building’s vulnerabilities alter too. Or, new staff or visiting drivers ‘hit’ on places you have inadvertently left exposed.

Buying quality column protectors and other easy to fit safety products means you can replace and relocate them with minimum fuss. Though buying the right column protectors ensures you won’t need to buy new ones too often!

Modern warehouse safety product manufacturers have got creative and used their design and engineering knowledge to create a superb range of inexpensive aids for H&S compliance in warehouses. To chat through the solutions to your needs, and benefit from our safety advice and product recommendations, give us a call.

The Best Impact Protection Options for Your Workplace

One aspect of Healthy and Safety compliance with no room for ambiguity or corner-cutting is shielding staff and visitors from site traffic and machinery. We drill down on the best impact protection options, and traffic management and pedestrian protection products.

Traffic and safety control on commercial premises comes down to one central theme. You must think ahead and try to predict what sort of problems humans and machinery can throw up! Which is no easy matter.

Risk assessments must take account of human nature, and the possibilities of inadvertent slip-ups, as well as deliberate recklessness. Then, you need to find the best impact protection options to keep people, machines and structures well out of each other’s way!

Fortunately, safety product manufacturers have covered all the same considerations, designing and engineering a diverse range of items to slot into place to meet your H&S obligations brilliantly.

This includes both permanent and semi-permanent fixtures and low-cost products that serve vital traffic and safety management purposes. Such as the following site ‘must-haves’.

Combination of flexible and heavy-duty bollards

Both fixed and relocatable bollards and delineators come in many shapes and forms these days, include bollard covers to boost the effectiveness of existing structures.

The goal is always to choose a high-vis product that alerts drivers of off-road and visiting vehicles to areas of risk.

Then, the best bollards are made from good quality impact-absorbing materials, springing back to shape from lighter blows or grazes.

Such ingenious inventions as ImpactSAFE Protection Posts are also a wise investment. They zone off and shield internal fixtures and expensive equipment, from forklift trucks, pallet jacks and other moving machinery.

Parking and loading bay guards and guides

Bollards and other traffic safety measures are particularly crucial in commercial car parks, for fleet management or around busy loading bays.

There are plenty of choices for HGV loading plates and wheel guides, but also products that mark out parking spaces and keep pedestrians and cars apart. Commercial speed bumps are also cost-effective and quick to install in workplace environments.

Flexible delineator posts and chains can be moved into place to manage parking in a versatile way too.

More systems to separate pedestrians and moving machinery

IMG 20200902 WA0094

There are other ways to keep staff and visitors safe from impact too.

Including highly affordable and easy to install pedestrian safety barriers and sprung return gates. These high-vis polymer segregation systems enable you to clearly identify pedestrian walkways on your premises.

Demountable shoe plate options make this product category another ‘lean’ choice, as the barriers can be relocated and reused at will.

Or, opt for heavy-duty guardrail systems from BrandSafe, to keep moving machinery carefully segregated.

Impact Protection from protruding structures and roof beams

Another example of the best impact protection products is BrandSafe EdgeWRAP. It’s a light-duty foam to cheaply and swiftly slot on to edges and corners, including any low laying structures and exposed metal. This greatly reduces the chances of staff or visitors sustaining an injury to their head, limbs or clothing!

CornerWRAP is a similarly low cost, high-quality safety solution sold by BrandSafe. It’s a Medium Duty foam, with the added benefit of chevron reflective strips for improved night visibility.

When it’s slotted on to steel, brick, or concrete walls and posts, it reduces the potential for human injury but also protects your building from damage.

Column protectors

PolyWRAP column protectors are another multi-faceted impact management product. With their clamshell design and easy fasten straps, you can install and stack column protectors both indoors and externally.

They absorb impact brilliantly, to keep your structure sound, but also to minimise impact injuries for your workforce.

You could also highlight and guard internal structures using SoftWRAP i-Beam, which you Velcro on to columns for rapid protection.

Modern materials and design for impact protection options

The invention of polyurethane revolutionised the safety product industry. It led to the invention of resilient products with incredible tensile strength, that could absorb impact and then return to their shape instantly. It also led to a new breed of durable workplace protection products with a low unit cost.

In the hands of designers and manufacturers who understand modern safety and traffic management priorities, you can now find a product for every situation and location!

To find your way through the ranges and plan the best impact protection options for your workplace, please give us a call.

Warehouse Armco Barriers: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re not already among the many commercial sites using Armco barriers, this guide will demonstrate why this brand leads the sector. It will also answer questions about where you can buy accessories for warehouse Armco barriers.

Car parks, loading bays and a diverse range of other warehouse areas need traffic guides and guards to meet safety compliance, and for highly practical reasons too.

Replacing a section of safety barrier is a lot less disastrous than dealing with an injured worker or visitor, paying H&S non-compliance penalties or rebuilding a damaged structure.

However, simply erecting cheap barriers or walls is not sufficient. This can lead to two extremes. A barrier that folds or shatters on impact, or a solid surface that seriously damages the vehicle and puts the driver at risk.

For many companies, the best solution is to install Armco Crash Barriers. This leading brand offers a cost-effective and reliable off-road barrier system, that deflects and absorbs low-speed, low-impact kinetic force from vehicles.

Why Armco?

This steel barrier company has earned its reputation by supplying structures used on UK motorways, roadsides and even race circuits. Its production systems meet BS 4872 industry standards.

The company also manufacturers protective barriers commonly installed in busy warehouse operations, as well as being a brand respected enough to specify for many public thoroughfares, including pedestrian shopping areas and local authority car parks.

A review of Armco Barriers for warehouses shows that the sections are made from highly durable and strong corrugated steel. They are referred to as untensioned corrugated beams, meaning they are manufactured in an iconic W shape. This helps absorb impact, and they can potentially even hold their shape from a lighter blow from many off-road commercial vehicles.

Clearly, Armco Barriers for warehouses can deflect a lot of the force from forklift trucks and cars, but may also protect your staff and structures from HGVs travelling at slower speeds on your premise.

When galvanised and finished off correctly – including properly fitted Armco pedestrian safety ends and post caps – these barrier systems are also moisture resistant and long-lasting. Making them a sound investment, and ideal for external traffic management.

The range is also highly versatile, with various heights and shapes to create different protective abilities according to the layout of your warehouse. Including offering enough scope to engineer internal guards in warehouses too.

Tips to avoid mistakes in specifying warehouse Armco barriers

It’s important to buy direct, or from suppliers with reliable insights into the configurations that serve the best purpose. The same applies to accessories for warehouse Armco barriers. Make sure you buy genuine parts to finish off your barriers, from Brandsafe. Buying industry experience -as well as quality products – matters!

This especially relates to covering off sharp or protruding edges. We stock Armco Post Caps which quickly push into place, increasing visibility and safety.

Also, make sure you map out your protective barriers for your warehouse operations – or other commercial sites – accurately. Your risk assessment needs to take account of any irregular shapes you may need to create an effective barrier system. To help you measure your Armco crash barriers spec, the company has an excellent free calculator on its website.

How to erect warehouse Armco barriers

As well as buying the correct posts, lengths and curves, make sure you find a supplier of accessories for Armco crash barriers who is knowledgeable and quick to respond. Especially as you may find you need additional components once the installation is underway.

Bolt-together the components, then attach the main beam sections together. These are usually 3mm thick and pre-drilled for fixing in place. When you have concreted your support posts into the ground or used base plates, you should find that the pre-drilled holes on these posts line up with the ones in the beams and curves.

Move gradually down the posts, attaching the beams as you go, making sure to slot on Armco pedestrian safety ends and post caps to smooth out transitions, gaps and edges. Use at least two posts to support a corner section.

Warehouse Armco Barrier Accessories

Brandsafe has everything you to need finish off your warehouse Armco barriers, or to retrofit protectors on sharp edges and intersections. Our safety edges and post caps for Armco barriers are either yellow or black, with diamond grade reflectors for increased visibility.

Are Your Safety Barriers Up to Scratch?

Are Your Safety Barriers Up To Scratch?

We’re lifting the lid on the subject of safety barriers, and vital factors that can’t be overlooked. Not least because incorrectly engineered or placed barriers can be more dangerous than not having any at all.

Strategically-placed barriers without a doubt go a long way to reducing the number of accidents around your building. They are vital in warehouses and logistics businesses, and on construction sites, or anywhere else that vehicles and people operate closely together.

This is an issue you can never be complacent about

The wrong kind of barriers – or incorrectly installed or outdated ones – can leave you badly exposed to serious incidents. Putting staff, visitors, vehicles and the fabric of your building at risk.

Failure to map out the best places for safety barriers can also cause business interruption, costly repairs, heavy fines and a serious (if not permanent) dent in your company’s reputation.

Safety barriers on private property

Pit Rail 1

If this makes you doubt the reasons for installing safety barriers in and around your premises, then please be assured they do serve a vital purpose. In fact, if you own a commercial site where vehicles operate, you have a regulatory and ethical duty to install suitable safety measures. Including methods of segregating pedestrians and forklift trucks, for instance.

The focus needs to be on getting your specifications right, buying quality products and installing well-designed barriers correctly.

What to look for in reliable safety barriers

First and foremost, you need a supplier able to prove the integrity and impact-values of the safety barriers you buy. This is one time when the cheapest is not necessarily best. Something that looks the part, can prove to be entirely cosmetic and a risk mitigation failure.

There are even cases of companies buying highly visible lightweight products to alert drivers to danger, missing one of the most important purposes of these products. The best kind of barrier is a warning but also offers shock absorbency, minimising the damage caused by impact.

PedestrianSAFE HR50 Bottom

And you don’t need to pay high prices for outstanding safety barriers that that are both highly visible and durable. Brandsafe keeps prices highly competitive, while still offering safety products that are thoroughly tested and verified.

All of our safety barriers are tested to withstand the force of maximum capacity vehicles, travelling at maximum speed.

There’s a snapshot of some of the impact testing work we do on our website, as we put our reputation on the line with every safety product we endorse and sell.

Watch our impact testing video 

Also, if you are going to invest in robust traffic management solutions, your safety barriers and bollards need to be low maintenance, built to last and fixed down properly. (Unless you want a versatile demountable safety barrier than you can relocate as risk factors change.)

Finding the best safety barriers for your site

IMG 20200902 WA0094

If you have a workplace where vehicles operate, the best safety solution has to be versatile enough to adapt to your layout. That includes safety barriers and guardrails that can be installed quickly, but which create an authentic obstacle.

For example, our Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+) are engineered from an advanced polymer and strong steel boots. The range includes corner, end and mid posts, post centres, demountable options and Sprung Return Gates. So, instead of working around a prefabricated safety barrier, you simply create your own pedestrian segregation solution. One that keeps your traffic flowing uninterrupted, but with the assurance of sound risk management.

We also sell heavy duty Guardrail Systems (MHE / PIT), with de-stacker extensions. You can build up to around 3000mm high, making this a great way to separate vehicles and pedestrians in places where tall pallets or equipment create a restricted view.

These are just two examples of Brandsafe products that you can depend on.

Putting traffic control in safe hands

Location is fundamental to the value of having safety barriers installed. They also need to be an unmissable warning system and a genuine layer of protection between vehicles and people. Impact absorption capacity matters far more than appearance, though the best-made safety barriers look reassuring strong and effective.

If you are ready to pin down locations for safety barriers and your product requirements, give us a call.

5 Products for Improving Warehouse Safety

Regularly reviewing warehouse site safety – and sourcing products that fulfil your ‘duty of care’ – serves multiple purposes. Including keeping you operational and avoiding heavy Health and Safety related fines.

The likely cost of breaching your duty to employees and site visitors – enshrined in Section 33 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – could run into tens of thousands of pounds. If not more. In some cases, it also leads to criminal charges and imprisonment.

In 2017, a UK high street retailer paid a hefty fine of £1m for having chaotic working conditions in its warehouse and storeroom operations. Clearly, safety measures are something that no firm should allow themselves to become complacent about.

How a lack of awareness or time can trip companies up when it comes to warehouse safety

Obviously, ‘intentionally breaching or flagrantly disregarding the law’ is the most serious accusation you could face under Health and Safety legislation. Though you’re also culpable if you show a lack of foresight or ‘willful blindness’ to risks. There are even hefty penalties for offences committed by ‘acts or omissions’ reducing the reasonable care you take of people on your premises.

To keep your warehouse operations on the right side of ethical and legal obligations, we offer a range of low cost, easy to install safety measures, including these five crucial (but often overlooked) products for warehouse safety.

So, which five warehouse safety measures should you be considering here?

1. Edge WRAP

Edge Wrap is important for warehouse safety

Shielding sharp edges and protruding structures within your premises is basic common sense. The trick is to use a product that genuinely acts as both a warning and a damage limitation measure. Some companies buy cheap high-vis products which don’t actually physically protect pedestrians from injury.

The five shape options offered by our quality Edge Wrap can be matched to diverse sharp edges and low steelwork for example. It is high calibre Edge Wrap with excellent Light Duty foam impact absorbency. It is also inexpensive and quick to install, as it is self-adhesive.

2. HGV Landing Plates

HGV Landing plates are great for warehouse safety

Positioning HGVs correctly and quickly saves time but also avoids accidents. Fitting manoeuvring aids is another occasion when safety products must tick multiple boxes though. Inferior landing plates can lead to a whole new set of risks, including tripping up your workforce or visiting drivers.

Our high molecular grade polymer HGV landing plates are highly visible but also constructed with chamfered edges and countersunk anchors to fix them in place. Giving pedestrians and vehicles a smooth passage across them.

Having these HGV landing plates installed is a great way to reduce damage and wear and tear to your loading bay surface too. An added economic bonus.

3. Pedestrian Handrail Systems

PedestrianSAFE HR50 Bottom

As slips, trips and falls are a major contributor to workplace accidents, simple and inexpensive handrails make your warehouse a much safer place. Apart from giving pedestrians support as they walk up and down steps or along raised walkways, the correct handrails manage pedestrian traffic to avoid clashes in tight spaces or encroachment into high-risk areas.

Our Pedestrian Handrail Systems – which have Sprung Return Gates and Demountable Shoe Plate Options – are also a great way to guide people away from parts of your premises prone to accidental damage.

4. Speed Humps

Another easy win in the battle to protect employees and visitors is to fit traffic calming measures within warehouse operations. Our speed bump kits are ideal for this, helping to highlight where vehicles are likely to pass and providing drivers with a strong incentive to slow down.

These speed reduction products are quick to install on concrete or tarmac and feature diamond grade reflectors for improved visibility in poor light.

5. Drop Core Bollards

Another quick solution for safety improvements in warehouses is heavy-duty, multi-purpose demountable bollards. You can fix them down and then relocate them as your field of operations alters, or as new risks crop up.

Brandsafe’s come in five colour options to flag up fire hazards, caution areas and high-risk locations for example. As they are polymer covered, they require no repainting, and they are designed to be both an effective warning system and an impact management tool.

Mapping safety product needs

Bringing in expert help to evaluate your warehouse safety requirements can connect you to cost-effective and durable systems, that boost your safety record significantly. It also gives you one less headache, as your Health and Safety at Work compliance is more assured, making inspections a lot less stressful.

Give us a call to discuss updating your safety product profile.

Understanding HGV Blind Spots for Better Impact Protection

Understanding HGV Blind Spots For Better HGV Protection

When it comes to HGV protection, one of the most important ways to manage the risk of accidents is to closely examine the potential blind spots around your site. Where are they likely to be, how can drivers manage them and what safety products can companies use to reduce the risks.

Thanks to the investment companies make in driver training – and creating logical and safe access points at their premises – accidents involving HGVs are thankfully infrequent. However, when they do happen, they can be catastrophic.

Even within the confines of business premises, HGVs have the capacity to cause serious injury or to kill a pedestrian or driver. They can also create major structural damage, resulting in significant business interruption and cost. Having the contents of a lorry written off – or bodywork repairs to commission – can be the least of your concerns when a vehicle backs into a loading bay pillar or fails to manoeuvre around a height-restricted structure.

This demands that any sites where HGVs operate must regularly assess their risks, including the less obvious ones. What potential is there for blind spots which could hamper even the most advanced HGV driver? Then, you need to install impact safety products that protect HGV drivers, pedestrians and your buildings.

Industry reaction to the perils of blind spots

Of course, this is not an issue solely of concern to companies with large vehicles entering and leaving their premises. There is a growing awareness nationwide that more steps are needed to manage HGV safety on UK roads

This has resulted in some manufacturers and operators fitting vehicles with the latest technologies, including sensor systems with driver alerts, camera monitoring systems, Class V and VI mirrors and audible left-turn warnings, for example.

In London, drivers now need HGV Safety Permits to avoid a ban from the capital’s roads. These permits are only issued if vehicles meet a list of attributes designed to keep both pedestrians and cyclists safe.

The primary source of HGV blind spots is, of course, the visibility restrictions created by their own bodywork. This can leave larger lorries unable to see small cars that are right alongside them, let alone cyclists, people on foot and low-lying structures.

Even technology can’t solve all the problems this creates. The emphasis often needs to be on aids that help commercial vehicles manoeuvre and park smoothly.

Low-cost products that mitigate HGV blind spots

When it comes to HGV protection and keeping your staff safe on your premises, the Brandsafe products that can assist you are inexpensive to buy, and easy to install.

Some of our products are designed to act as shock absorbers, reducing the potential for vehicles to damage structures or their own wheels and bodywork, such as column wraps and bollards.

Others are simple but clever ways to manage HGV blind spots, at the same time as speeding up vehicle maneuvering, which makes delivery and loading swifter.

For example:

HGV Cranked Wheel Dock Guides

HGV Cranked Dock Wheel Guides

This is a contemporary innovation, based on traditional systems to guide HGVs into place on raised level loading docks. Available in two different lengths, our high-vis cranked guides are also a great way to protect vehicle wheel rims from costly damage.

HGV Straight Wheel Dock Guides

HGV Straight Dock Wheel Guides

These galvanised HGV wheel guides are also available in two sizes. They help drivers reverse or drive forwards on to raised level loading docks more intuitively.

HGV Wheel Stops

HGV Wheel Stops

A great parking aid for HGVs is our high-vis wheel stops, engineered from recycled truck tyres. Having these installed also helps pedestrians to see where HGVs, buses and other commercial vehicles will be manoeuvring. Our durable moulded wheel stops come with all the fixing items needed to create clear stopping points on your concrete or tarmac.

Illuminating your site’s blind spots

Getting your HGVs into place efficiently is important to keeping productivity up, and accident rates down. Having impact safety products from our range installed will definitely be welcomed by drivers too. They will be able to do their job in a more assured manner.

Get in touch with the team at Brandsafe for more information about HGV protection and related products, impact deterrents and manoeuvring guides, to manage workplace risks on your site.

What You Need to Know About Our Armco Safety Barriers

There are many good reasons why we recommend Armco products for cross-site safety in diverse warehouse operations in the UK. It’s a brand with a stellar reputation in its field and it has our 100% trust rating. Here’s why.

Warehouse accident prevention – protecting people, structures and machinery from harm – calls for wholehearted commitment and continuous evaluation. Including finding the best safety products to manage risks right across your site geography.

For us, Armco leads the field on this, offering tailored warehouse safety products at highly competitive prices. Why do we have such faith in this brand and recommend the range to so many of our warehouse customers?

Safety product integrity

Armco 360 Top

Any review of Armco safety products for warehouse sites must mention the level of design excellence invested in creating the ideal barriers and accessories.

The dimensions and tensile properties of the sections can be optimised to cope with a wide range of collision risks – according to height and other trajectory factors.

Also, the materials used to create Armco products have a proven ability to absorb impact, limiting the damage done when vehicles make contact with crash barriers.

As our reputation rests on the safety record of our customers, we know that recommending, engineering and installing Armco barriers offers the best line of defence.

Are the best barriers for warehouse sites, the most expensive?

Armco 1100D 5

The cost of accident prevention measures in warehouses can be a critical factor when fitting out a new build or upgrading or refitting an existing site.

The cheapest solution is not always the best one when it comes to managing traffic and workforce safety. However, too often companies waste money on overly complex or unnecessary safety measures.

One of the reasons Armco offers the leading off-road barrier systems is that the price of supply and installation can be relatively low.

Without compromising the integrity or effectiveness of this vital warehouse safety measure.

These products also last, withstanding environmental factors and a substantial amount of ‘wear and tear’.

Armco is versatile and quick to install

Armco 1100D 13

The Armco range offers something to suit any off-road location. From loading bay approaches used by large wagons and busy company car parks, to the internal areas of your warehouse where forklift trucks manoeuvre.

This versatility is echoed by the way Armco barriers can be configured to meet specific site needs. For instance, you could protect commercial vehicles operating on your site by installing Armco 760HR Safety Barriers, which come ready fitted with a pedestrian handrail on one side. It separates traffic from people brilliantly.

Apart from choosing from various Armco barrier design and size options, the way they are fixed down can be bespoke to your site.

For example, Armco Wall Mounted Safety Barriers are a great way to manage the risk of vehicles clipping structures around entrances or the sides of your buildings.

Advanced accessories for warehouse safety

Warehouse Safety

The safety barriers themselves are engineered to reduce and manage impact damage, but importantly, you can also specify various features that further improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

A great example of this is the Armco Fishtail Safety End. Not only does it absorb contact with vehicles on your site, but it’s also highly visible, preventing collisions from happening in the first place. You can retrofit this flexible polymer safety end on any Armco steel barrier or rail.

The range offers you ways to pay strict attention to detail when it comes to accident prevention.

Such as simple but effective high-vis protective post caps to smooth out sharp rail edges, or push-fit kits to add polymer ends to barrier lengths.

Any barrier corners can be topped off with unmissably bright Armco Safety Corners.

This ingenious range has covered all the risks, so you can cover all your safety obligations!

How to know which Armco product is ‘best fit’

The Armco range is understandably popular within warehouse operations, or for any site which needs to prevent accidents and manage vehicles operating continuously.

Reducing risks and minimising collision damage keeps people safer, but also avoids repair costs and loss of productivity.

The trick though is getting your Armco barriers, rails and accessories to match your site layout and specific safety risks.

Brandsafe provides in-depth, tailored advice as a standard feature of its Armco safety barrier supply and installation service.

Contact our team to discuss your Armco safety barrier and impact protection requirements.