Safety equipment on work premises doesn’t get more vital than traffic management systems. Our guide to Armco crash barriers brings you ‘up to speed’ on preventing vehicle accidents.

You might be wondering, what is an Armco barrier? Well, where traffic management and driver safety are crucial – from challenging farmland to major motorways – you are likely to see Armco Crash Barriers. They are an industry-standard thanks to their incredible engineering and superb track record for reducing traffic accident injuries.

As they are the first choice for crash barriers, the big question is, have you got your Armco products placed in enough situations to safeguard drivers on your premises? Also, is this vital traffic safety product configured to keep you compliant with H&S legislation?

Keep in mind crash barriers also protect important structures at your workplace too. This helps you to avoid big repair bills and business interruption. Not to mention vehicle damage repair costs!

To help you ring fence these important safety priorities for the coming year, here are our tips on buying Armco crash barriers.

Site vulnerabilities risk assessment

Armco 1100D 5

To find the best places to install Armco products, you need to think about worst-case scenarios. Gauge where a moment’s distraction or a haphazard incident could put people or property at risk.

Consider environmental factors too, as the weather or time of day can impact visibility. Even low autumn sunlight can blind drivers.

To be honest, it’s wise to invest in crash barriers right along the route traffic takes on your premises. It’s a belt and braces approach to traffic management if you like.

Keep in mind too that the very presence of Armco crash barriers (with their fluorescent yellow accessories) can prevent collisions from occurring. So why not go site-wide?

It can be cost-effective to place large orders of Armco products that match your site’s unique layout, including enough safety ends and cap posts to make your structures streamlined.

Are there alternatives to Armco?

This is the most reliable and respected range of crash barriers and accessories, and to buy alternatives risks compromising on your vital safety targets.

What makes Armco crash barriers stand out is their distinctive and ingenious grooved design. This is expertly engineered to absorb substantial amounts of energy from collisions.

So, despite their simplistic appearance the corrugated steel sections – when installed correctly and pinned with strong posts – are literally life savers. They also minimise vehicle damage.

Why take ‘shortcuts’, when Armco products are a ‘direct route’ to site safety for cars, LGVs, HGVs and off-road vehicles?

Which Armco products are best?

Apart from specifying different heights of Armco crash barriers to create a strategic configuration, there are other ways to adapt this classic safety product to your operational needs.

One of your options include Armco wall mounted safety barriers. These can be installed on brick, block or precast concrete walls, to reduce the damage done by collisions. Our wall-mounted Armco crash barriers include an ImpactSAFE shock absorber, to enhance their performance.

Another highly recommended crash barrier option are the Armco 360 Safety Barriers. The height of these is lower than most other products in this category (360mm) and they have distinctive forklift impact rails.

They do an amazing job in warehouse settings, to help off-road vehicle drivers navigate around confidently and safely.

You can buy accessories to finish off Armco configurations to prevent clothing snagging, scratches or worse injuries, when someone brushes against them

You will find the bright coloured Armco safety ends and safety corners are also a vivid way to avoid anyone tripping over your crash barriers. This ensures crash barriers don’t become a hazard in their own right!

Specifying Armco crash barriers

This crash barriers guide shows that though Armco products are simply the best and fundamental in design, there are numerous decisions to make. If you want your site traffic management and safety record to be flawless.

This is why companies with large or complex sites and approach roads turn to BrandSafe for free advice on Armco crash barrier layouts.

In fact, we can help any organisation to ‘bend’ this long-standing safety product range to their requirements.