Regularly reviewing warehouse site safety – and sourcing products that fulfil your ‘duty of care’ – serves multiple purposes. Including keeping you operational and avoiding heavy Health and Safety related fines.

The likely cost of breaching your duty to employees and site visitors – enshrined in Section 33 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – could run into tens of thousands of pounds. If not more. In some cases, it also leads to criminal charges and imprisonment.

In 2017, a UK high street retailer paid a hefty fine of £1m for having chaotic working conditions in its warehouse and storeroom operations. Clearly, safety measures are something that no firm should allow themselves to become complacent about.

How a lack of awareness or time can trip companies up when it comes to warehouse safety

Obviously, ‘intentionally breaching or flagrantly disregarding the law’ is the most serious accusation you could face under Health and Safety legislation. Though you’re also culpable if you show a lack of foresight or ‘willful blindness’ to risks. There are even hefty penalties for offences committed by ‘acts or omissions’ reducing the reasonable care you take of people on your premises.

To keep your warehouse operations on the right side of ethical and legal obligations, we offer a range of low cost, easy to install safety measures, including these five crucial (but often overlooked) products for warehouse safety.

So, which five warehouse safety measures should you be considering here?

1. Edge WRAP

Edge Wrap is important for warehouse safety

Shielding sharp edges and protruding structures within your premises is basic common sense. The trick is to use a product that genuinely acts as both a warning and a damage limitation measure. Some companies buy cheap high-vis products which don’t actually physically protect pedestrians from injury.

The five shape options offered by our quality Edge Wrap can be matched to diverse sharp edges and low steelwork for example. It is high calibre Edge Wrap with excellent Light Duty foam impact absorbency. It is also inexpensive and quick to install, as it is self-adhesive.

2. HGV Landing Plates

HGV Landing plates are great for warehouse safety

Positioning HGVs correctly and quickly saves time but also avoids accidents. Fitting manoeuvring aids is another occasion when safety products must tick multiple boxes though. Inferior landing plates can lead to a whole new set of risks, including tripping up your workforce or visiting drivers.

Our high molecular grade polymer HGV landing plates are highly visible but also constructed with chamfered edges and countersunk anchors to fix them in place. Giving pedestrians and vehicles a smooth passage across them.

Having these HGV landing plates installed is a great way to reduce damage and wear and tear to your loading bay surface too. An added economic bonus.

3. Pedestrian Handrail Systems

PedestrianSAFE HR50 Bottom

As slips, trips and falls are a major contributor to workplace accidents, simple and inexpensive handrails make your warehouse a much safer place. Apart from giving pedestrians support as they walk up and down steps or along raised walkways, the correct handrails manage pedestrian traffic to avoid clashes in tight spaces or encroachment into high-risk areas.

Our Pedestrian Handrail Systems – which have Sprung Return Gates and Demountable Shoe Plate Options – are also a great way to guide people away from parts of your premises prone to accidental damage.

4. Speed Humps

Another easy win in the battle to protect employees and visitors is to fit traffic calming measures within warehouse operations. Our speed bump kits are ideal for this, helping to highlight where vehicles are likely to pass and providing drivers with a strong incentive to slow down.

These speed reduction products are quick to install on concrete or tarmac and feature diamond grade reflectors for improved visibility in poor light.

5. Drop Core Bollards

Another quick solution for safety improvements in warehouses is heavy-duty, multi-purpose demountable bollards. You can fix them down and then relocate them as your field of operations alters, or as new risks crop up.

Brandsafe’s come in five colour options to flag up fire hazards, caution areas and high-risk locations for example. As they are polymer covered, they require no repainting, and they are designed to be both an effective warning system and an impact management tool.

Mapping safety product needs

Bringing in expert help to evaluate your warehouse safety requirements can connect you to cost-effective and durable systems, that boost your safety record significantly. It also gives you one less headache, as your Health and Safety at Work compliance is more assured, making inspections a lot less stressful.

Give us a call to discuss updating your safety product profile.