Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

We believe we must have one to have the other – Safety & Quality are etched in the DNA of the BrandSAFE business.

No moans and groans from the BrandSAFE team on safety and quality – the approach we take is to plan, consult, submit formal documentation and then execute to an agreed SAFE method of working that by default also delivers quality.

Much to do with the mental approach of our teams and project managers – chapter 8 regulation barriers, competent personnel and a care / consideration for site and others is all understood as part of our job.

Fully trained teams including;

  • CSCS – Construction Skills Certified personnel
  • IPAF – Qualified for use of power equipment to work at height
  • PASMA – Qualified for use of mobile access towers to work at height
  • Forklift – Qualified for use of powered trucks for lifting and distributing materials around sites

Simple and effective safety from BrandSAFE teams include;

  • Site boxes to control tools and equipment safely and securely for our long term sites
  • Cages for secure control of gas bottles, fire extinguishers and welding screens for preventing hazards associated with hot works
  • Temporary barriers, cones and tape to zone off SAFE working areas
  • Personal protective equipment that conform to British Standard and ensure the safety of our personnel at all times

Quality checks at each stage include;

  • In built in our design, manufacturing, production and despatch processes
  • Acumen to select the correct fixings and tools
  • Snagging is a thing of the past at BrandSAFE we simply POLISH our work until we are happy it hits the standard then we know it will meet yours