Main Contractors

Main Contractors

BrandSAFE understand the world of Main Contractors and that is why we offer ourselves as a ‘supply-chain partner’ in delivering parts of your projects for you. We expect to be part of your design/development process working with all stakeholders to drive improvement in process, quality, safety and environmental objectives.

We behave in a collaborative way that often means we step forward to solve problems where appropriate by providing innovative solutions and products whilst consistently delivering our contracted package of works.

We have set out 3 core goals for our Main Contractor relationships;

  • To be recognized as a top 3 performing contractor on every project we take-on
  • Gain opportunity to work repeatedly with the same main contractor teams through our reputation for delivering results
  • When main contracts are finished BrandSAFE are entrusted to return time and again for additional works

From articulate proposal and tender, to our whole ethos of building quality into every step, we aim high and achieve well for you.
We hope you will find our approach refreshing including our applications and final-accounts that put themselves top of your pile through the quality of our administration and commercial management.