BrandSAFE strive to be “open to possibility” – we hope you approve.

Innovation starts with how we can work cost efficiently and solve problems for our customers at a speed we call ‘SWIFT’.

BrandSAFE have invested a staggering amount of capital in design, development and tooling to bring to the market products that shake the tree of traditional offers in this mature market.

Some of our design registered new products include;

  • ArmcoSAFE End – high impact rubber terminal designed to be used as a universal corner with diamond grade reflectors
  • Armco Pedestrian Safety End – moulded in any colour from polymer with diamond grade reflectors
  • Armco Fishtail Safety End – moulded in any colour from polymer with diamond grade reflectors
  • Revolutionary Bollard Cover Kits – moulded in any colour scheme from polymer with diamond grade reflectors
  • KeeSAFE Handrail Sleeve System – black and yellow polymer sleeves that will improve SAFETY through visual appearance and require no maintenance at all. A great upgrade to your existing 42mm handrail clamp systems
  • Vehicle Wheel Stops – high impact rubber with diamond grade reflectors
  • Talk to BrandSAFE about PolyWRAP and SteelWRAP column protection products

Protection products are somewhat like the Side Impact and Air Bag protection features you will find in your car – safety features there to avoid injury/ fatality that we hope never actually get used.

From these observations and revelations we present you our RADICAL stepped change approach to protection products;

  • Protection products that are SEEN by their visible and specific placement, so to avoid being hit in the first place
  • Protection products that integrate with the built environment. BrandSAFE will talk about the whole process of providing SAFE protection to your facility from Speed Control, Anti-Slip Stair Treads to Barriers and Safety Handrails
  • Protection products with value, added benefit of being offered to match/compliment your brand colours that will make your facility stand out beautifully for a long term, low-to-no maintenance solution

You can see our broad range of products and solutions by clicking on the products page menu.

We look forward to working creatively with you and your teams to push the envelope that little bit more that will achieve great end results for all involved…..