Green, Eco, Sustainability – whatever the buzz word, at heart, BrandSAFE believe in a simple view of economics and the environment.

Here are some of the things we consider each day as we set about growing our business with you (our core values and thinking);

  • What does the customer really want and need
  • How can we deliver this want and need as ‘best-value’ based on performance and price
  • What is the best material to manufacture our product
  • What is the most efficient production process and supply chain (constant assessment of all possibilities to manufacture in the UK)
  • What is the most efficient transportation method (fuel cost & logistics)
  • How can we drive economy (scale & cost)
  • How can we install in the shortest time possible
  • How can we manage waste
  • How can we reuse waste materials
  • How can we recycle waste materials
  • How can we reduce our use of fuel, power, heat, light and water

We have developed 3 key aims for our commitment to grow a robust, sustainable and environmentally conscious business;

  • Develop products that are recyclable and where possible manufactured from re-processed material
  • Drive for zero waste / zero landfill
  • Reduce our consumption of diesel by smart planning and regional installation teams

This is all wrapped up in a single environmental key driver for our business;